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Nutrition For Women In Menopause And Pre-Menopause


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So you look at yourself in the mirror, you see a tired run down, saggy faced, person looking back at you: Menopause is here. You find yourself unable to sleep, the hot flashes hit you like a Mack truck, and your hair decides to leave your head, what can you do? One of the most important things to battling menopause is having a proper diet. Nutrition for women in menopause should consist of a well-rounded diet, calcium, and exercise.

Eliminating caffeine from your diet will help protect your bones from osteoporosis as well as taking calcium tablets. Not drinking caffeine will also reduce insomnia during menopause because the effects produce an adrenaline rush. While you will feel fatigued, you must realize that taking caffeine will help produce the affects of fatigue. Caffeine is also an oxygen inhibitor there for you are more likely to get cramps in your legs and other parts of your body when you are tense with stress or depression.

Another effect of having a proper nutrition for women in menopause is the cravings. You often crave foods that are bad for you when you are eating improperly. Chances are if you are eating a diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables, protein, calcium, and carbohydrates you are not going to crave sweeter foods such as ice cream, chocolate, and other desserts. You may still have cravings, but they will most likely be for healthier foods. You can find the appropriate amount of sugar in fruits that your body craves and as long as you eat enough protein to keep your body's energy up you will not feel the need to suck down as much caffeine and sweets.

Not only does proper nutrition for women in menopause help reduce cravings, hot flashes, and other symptoms related to menopause, but it also helps weight gain. When you begin to get older, your body begins to store more fat, your metabolism tends to slow down, and you tend to forget to eat properly. Once you take care of the eating problem, you can take vitamins to help you increase your metabolism or exercise. Exercise is the best way to increase your metabolism and help reduce the fat stores your body thinks it needs.

Exercise, vitamins, and a well- rounded diet are the best things to battle menopause. Nutrition for women in menopause is the most important thing to battling the change your body is going through. In order to understand that change and the proper nutrition you need you should speak with your doctor. Your doctor can help you find a proper diet or refer you to a nutritionist that will help you figure out what foods will best help you eat properly while keeping the weight down.

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Women, Menopause, and Alcohol Abuse
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