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Watch out for his one thing, it can hurt any diet plan. Doing this can keep you locked into the same weight for days on end. And guess what? You wouldn’t even realize that this is the culprit keeping the pounds on.

Here’s the rub. You go to bed. You ate a fairly thoughtful dinner a few hours ago. Your meal has had a chance to start digesting, so that it isn’t resting in your stomach all night.

After all, you did take that brisk walk after dinner in order to get things moving. Finally, you hit the sack, ready for tomorrow. You get up in the morning, check the computer for emails, and take a few minutes to answer some important ones.

The rest will have to wait until later. You don’t want to be late for work. You jump right into the shower, dress, then head off to work.

When you get to work you grab a donut and a cup of coffee. An hour later you go back for a second donut and a coffee refill. Work has been rather busy and lunch has crept up on you fairly quickly. At the end of your workday you cap it off with one last cup of coffee.

What is wrong with this picture? You guessed correctly. Breakfast! Yes! You forgot the most important meal of the day. Eat before you leave the house and you can skip those sugary donuts. It will help keep your calories down.

When you get to work, park a little farther from the office than usual and walk briskly back to the office. This gets your metabolism up and burns extra calories during the morning. Remember, get a decent breakfast every morning, without fail.

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