Enzymes: An Overview


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Do you frequently suffer from complexities of indigestion like gas, acidity, heart burning, pain in the upper abdomen, bloating, diarrhea or constipations and so on? Then you need to do some researches on enzymes. Wondering why enzymes? That is because enzymes are precisely the chemicals that play the most important role in the process of digestion in our body.

In every human cell you can find hundreds and thousands of enzymes. Think about it… E. coli, a bacterium has some 1,000 different types of enzymes floating around in its cytoplasm all the time. The enzymes are defined as biological catalysts. These catalytic reactions of enzymes are due to their extremely interesting chemical properties. The cells have many important functions to perform, they have to store certain things and eliminate others, and they have to grow themselves in number. Now the enzymes make the chemical processes faster, so that the cells can perform these functions easily and quickly. In other words, the cells carry on the system’s chemical process incessantly and this complex chemical process is made possible by the variety of enzymes.

The main composing element of enzymes is amino acids. Amino acids are a basic kind of proteins. Some100 to 1,000 amino acids come together in a string formation to create an enzyme. This stringing together is done in a neat and predefined order. Now a chain of amino acid is formed which then folds into a unique shape. This shape determines how well the enzymes will carry out their specific chemical reactions. Enzymes as catalysts speed up the chemical processes.

Let me explain it by citing the example of a particular enzyme. For example, the sugar maltose is made from two glucose molecules bonded together. The enzyme maltase is shaped in such a way that it can break the bond and free the two glucose pieces. This function of breaking the molecules is done rapidly and efficiently. There are many other types of enzymes that can even put atoms and molecules together. This is precisely the job of the enzymes: breaking molecules apart and putting them back together. Special types of enzymes are assigned to catalyze specific type of chemical reaction so that the cells can carry on with their normal work.

One interesting thing about enzyme is that, it ignites a chemical reaction but it does not get transformed itself as a result of this reaction. It is not even used up in the process. Take the example of fermentation process in which enzyme grow in the yeast cells and convert molecules of sugar into molecules of ethanol. But the enzymes themselves are not finished up by the process.

Consume lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products to get plenty of natural enzymes inside your body. You can also try the synthetic enzymes which are not only economic, but also very effective in dealing with the digestive complexities.

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