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Panic Attacks and the Fear of Losing Control


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We all like to think we are competent individuals who are in control of ourselves and our lives. But for those who suffer from panic attacks, a very great fear is the loss of control while having an attack. This is a common concern, and it's something that should be addressed. Putting the fear to rest will go a long way towards reducing your anxiety and panicky feelings.

When you have a panic attack, you experience a variety of unpleasant physical and emotional sensations. People who've had such an episode often learn to dread having another. They spend much of their time worrying about when or if another one will strike. But since we know that a panic attack will not physically harm you, what is really so scary about it? The underlying worry may be losing control of your body or behavior.

What if you started acting bizarrely? What if other people saw you curled up on the floor, or striking out at anything in your path? What if you started crying or screaming uncontrollably? What if you lost control of their bodily functions or began to vomit? What if. . . you can fill in the blank with your own secret fear.

It's important for sufferers to put this terror into perspective. The reality is that someone having a panic attack rarely loses control. People nearby probably won't even notice anything wrong.

This fear is a symptom of the general anxiety and stress that you are experiencing. It's not a predictor of the future. As a panic attack sufferer, you already have considerable anxiety in your life. Your body and mind are under stress. Sometimes you feel like a pressure cooker ready to blow its top. A panic attack would be the final trigger to cause you to lose control, or so your anxious mind is telling you.

However, when you turn down your level of anxiety, through mental or physical stress reduction techniques, you will automatically diminish the fear of losing control. And you will have less fear and dread about having another panic attack.

Controlling your breathing can be a major step in overcoming anxiety. It sounds too simplistic. But those who learn correct breathing methods and practice the skill regularly report that they feel less anxious. If they start to feel bad, they are able to bring mind and body back to a more balanced state, simply by breathing properly.

Fear of losing control is something that causes panic attack sufferers a lot of distress. It may even keep you from going places or doing things you want to do, so it's important to deal with the fear. Remember that even in the middle of a panic attack, you're not in physical danger, and you have more control than you may think.

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How to Control Anxiety Attacks Fighting Your Fear
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