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I Am Having a Panic Attack Right Now


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Take a deep breaths and read through this while your having these terrible feelings. No one understands like I do of what your going through. Your heart is racing your having pressure in your chest and your head is feeling heavy. Panic attacks brings your life to a full halt, nothing seems to help at the moment your having them. Right now your probably wondering why your even reading this, nothing has helped before, even your own doctor doesn't help and not a person on earth knows what your going through, somehow yours feels different.

Right now I want to try to calm you down and sit with you here for a while and talk you through this terrible attack. That desperate fear you have in your gut, can you let it go for a moment. With the deep breaths you are taking allow your fear to go with the exhale. Yes you can do that. Let the fear go with every breath your taking, I know your all alone so trust me because I am here with you. Tell yourself and your body that the fear and panic are not allowed near you. Take one more large breath and breath out the fear and anxiety now.

Before you close your eyes I want you to think of the area you are sitting or standing in. I want you to own that area as your safe and comfort zone. Now I want you to visualize a type of balloon around your body and that large breath you took when you exhaled it went outside the balloon and your now in your comfort zone where nothing can attack you not panic or fear of anything, your safe with this balloon around you. In this invisible balloon you are safe you are strong and nothing can enter and nothing can harm you. If it comes back fight back by taking all that poisonous thoughts of fear in the pit of your stomach and exhaling it outside that balloon again.

Allow love and wonderful feelings to be held inside this invisible balloon your in. Allow them to be there forever. When there is something bad or frightful that starts another panic, visualize the peaceful balloon surrounding you. Allow this balloon to follow you during your walk through life.

Some people hold a soft ball as their comfort zone, some visualize peaceful places to visit or their loved ones. Whatever you use as your comfort zone just remember that you will NOT allow these feeling to be there anymore and you will fight them out of your body so you can live a healthier life and start living again.

This technique was one I have used when I found myself in a danger zone. I quickly learned to allow my body to feel peace and safety. I never use to do that, allow myself those good feelings. I was a mess until a good friend of mine showed me this and it began to work. I hope it works for you and I hope in time you are able to get your life back.

If you would like more help I would like you to take a look at my site and from there you will learn how to live and cope with the feelings of panic and anxiety. I hope the best for your journey in life and I hope for it to be paved in peace and comfort.


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Panic Attack Symptoms From Panic Disorder
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