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Preventing Panic Attacks With 3 Quick and Easy Tips


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Preventing panic attacks is vitally important when you recognize you are having an increasing number of panic attacks. Here I will share with you 3 quick tips which anyone can use to help prevent panic attacks.

In no particular order, here are the 3 quick tips to preventing panic attacks:

Tip number one:

Stop giving your attention to reasons to be afraid. It can almost become habitual to think of all the things that could go wrong in life. Doing this will only catapult you to another panic attack. Learn to sense or feel when your thoughts are being overly negative. The reason YOU CAN steer your thoughts to a better place is because you ALWAYS have a choice of what, or how, to think. 99% of the time, when we consider what the worst thing that can happen on any subject, truth be told, it never is so bad as to justify excessive worrying.

Tip number two:

At the slightest hint of a impending panic attack, immediately withdraw from whatever you're doing, and go and sit quietly and enjoy your breathing. Breathe deeper, breathe slower. This is a scientific method to clam your whole body and mind. Especially enjoy your out breath, and breathe OUT through your mouth.

Tip number three:

Another quick and easy tip for when you sense you are approaching a panic attack is to use distraction on yourself. It's easier than it sounds. What you are looking to do here is take your mind OFF of the intrusive and unhelpful thoughts you are having, and put your mind somewhere completely different. Try telephoning a friend, or flicking through the channels on your television, or playing a video game. You get the idea - just distract yourself and in doing so, your body and mind will take care of itself.

The thing you should definitely be aware of when preventing panic attacks is to understand the root cause of your panic attacks. If you can figure out why you have your attacks, you can then begin to truly prevent them by working on the root cause. To help you, my free informative website has more details which can help you no longer suffer a panic attack ever again.


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