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Signs, Symptoms of Panic Attacks Roots and Branches


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The common signs, symptoms of panic attacks for each individual may be different, as we are all different biologically and will tend to react differently, even to the same stimuli.

It is important to remember that the symptoms we experience are merely the effects of the panic attacks, and are not the illness itself. In other words, we are describing the “branches" of the “root". The root here meaning the base cause of your panic attacks.

The Common Signs, Symptoms Of Panic Attacks:

  • A rapid heart beat, palpitations or pounding heart
  • Shaking inside, sometimes even visibly
  • A lump in the throat or choking sensations
  • A shortness of breath
  • Chest pain or discomfort
  • Feeling light-headed, dizzy or an unsteadiness
  • Feeling bloated with indigestion, or abdominal discomfort
  • Feeling spaced out or dreamy
  • Feeling of detachment from yourself
  • A feeling of losing control, or fear of losing control
  • Numbness or tingling sensations around the face, feet or hands
  • Hot and cold flushes
  • Blotchy skin, or blushing
  • An urgent need to urinate or defecate

Those are the common signs and symptoms of panic attacks. If you are experiencing 4 or less of those signs then you are experiencing limited symptom attacks.

If you are experiencing different panic attack symptoms to the ones listed above, don't worry. It does not mean your condition is any worse, or that you are suffering from a different “breed" of panic attacks. As I mentioned at the start, we are all going to react differently.

The signs, symptoms of panic attacks are unpleasant to say the least but you can treat it and stop living in fear. There are some wonderful methods you can try which can bring immediate relief, and even stop the panic attacks forever. My free informative website contains many tips and tricks along with more background information on panic attacks. Good luck!

Willow T


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