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Can Panic Attacks Last For Days? Yes But No


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I was reading through a discussion forum the other day and one post really caught my eye, asking “can panic attacks last for days?" And naturally I, like everyone, have my own opinion on this, based on my own research and from being an EX panic attack sufferer (and no, I don't miss them!).

So, can panic attacks last for days?

Well, here is the scoop from yours truly:

Firstly, you got to remember that the words “panic attack" describe a sudden and intense period of anxiety, fear and all-round discomfort, one which floods the whole body with hormones. It is an incredibly frightening and upsetting experience that's for sure. Secondly, they do indeed come on like an attack, and in most cases will normally last anywhere from a minute or so, right up to an hour.

Now, beyond this point, some might find that they have repeat attacks, and are caught in a cycle of sorts. This could be throughout a whole day, and there will be dips and peaks.

But, when you hear of people talking about having a panic attack lasting longer than that, and I've even heard weeks. . . then technically they are not referring to panic attacks. They are instead referring to something far less intense, which while still very unpleasant, it is simply not accurate to call a panic attack. These are more like a heightened anxiety state than a panic attack.

Still very unpleasant though.

So there you have it. And if you DO have IT then you'll be very happy to know that there ARE treatments and methods out there which you can make use of in literally minutes from now , and which you can use to put an end to your panic attacks.

Willow T


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