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Alcohol Panic Attack Creator?


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Alcohol. A glass of beer, a tumbler of chardonnay, a shooter of irish whiskey. These things are all supposed to take the edge off you, right? I mean when you're out on the weekend or after work doesn't a glass of beer or wine make you more relaxed??

Sure, it has that effect you agree. . . so how does that effect fit in with panic attacks? On the surface it doesn't make much sense that the two are related. Well, you have to take a closer look at what alcohol does to your body and to your brain to really make good sense of what's happening here.

You see, alcohol in small doses (a drink or two) for most people doesn't cause problems. But, people who drink often times don't drink in moderation, do they? Some of us tend to drink too much and it gets our body and brains out of whack sooner or later.

It can drain your body of priceless vitamins and minerals. What does that do to us? Well, it depletes your bodies ability to feel “normal" and calm because your body can't produce the neurochemicals needed to keep you level headed.

Alcohol impairs your liver's function. So, you say, what's the big deal with that? Well, I'll tell you, your liver is one of the organs responsible for making serotonin, gaba and other neurotransmitters which calm you down and keep you from having panic attacks or feeling anxious.

Did you ever notice that when you drink you feel relaxed but the next day and for several days afterwards you're more anxious or having panic attacks. Now you have a better idea of why that happens. Of course, it doesn't happen to everyone, all our bodies are very different. But, it happens to a lot of us, over 6 million Americans.

Honestly, I used to be a heavy drinker. I drank way too much and I started having anxiety or panic attacks on a frequent basis as a result. I just couldn't figure out what theses attacks were or why I was having them. It was only when it got really unbearable that I started doing some research and working on how to get rid of them.

Things got better pretty quickly. I stopped drinking so much, started exercising weekly and in general started feeling much better. Unfortunately, I was still getting panic attacks no matter what I did. So, I had to dig a little deeper into how I could solve my problem. I was determined.

That's when I thankfully found the one move technique . It's basically a cognitive exercise that trains your brain to switch from the irrational midbrain to the logical forebrain area. And like magic your panic feelings go away. It really works and it's saved me from having the sweating, nausea, feelings of unreality, trembling, fear of crowds, etc that were making my life down right not fun.

Don't wait like I did to do something about your panic attacks, alcohol use can be moderated. And when you put in the other pieces of the puzzle like exercise and brain training. . . . well, it's like striking gold.

The author is a recovered panic attack sufferer who educates others about getting their lives back.


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