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Heart Problems and Panic Attacks Truths, Myths and Common Sense


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Heart problems and panic attacks are often linked together, especially as many first time sufferers, who are naturally not used to the intensity of an attack, are often convinced they are having a heart attack. It is not uncommon for many first time sufferers to race to hospital, only then to learn that they had a panic attack instead.

By the way, it is generally agreed that heart disease is not a cause of panic attacks. What often links the two is that the symptoms of an attack can be so convincing to the individual that it is the heart that is at fault. This is untrue.

Panic Attacks And Our Longevity

Are there any short-or-long term effects on the heart and other body systems? Well, doctors have generally stated that there is nothing particularly harmful about panic attacks, and that they are not life threatening.

However, it is quite reasonable to form the opinion that the stress and strain on the body can not help the matter. It is common sense to me at least, that the more we can do to limit the unnecessary strain on our body, the more likely we will enjoy longevity.

Older Women More At Risk?

A recent study hints that there may be a link between panic attacks in older women and serious heart conditions which may occur later on. They stated that a woman who had a full-blown panic attack in a period of 6 months was four times at risk of a heart attack.

However, this study is certainly not conclusive. It remains that officially we still do not know what the long term effects can or will be.

Panic Attacks Can Be Cured

There are many effective treatments out there today, and you do not need medication. In fact, you should try and avoid it! I personally found success with a natural method, and I am certainly not alone.

Ultimately, overcoming panic attacks is not as difficult as many might believe. I used a revolutionary technique which worked wonders, and I honestly believe it could work for you too. But what ever you do, just know that you can beat them , and know that you will!

Willow T


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How to Avoid Panic Attacks 4 Tips to Help You Cope With Panic Attacks
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