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Bipolar Disorder Symptoms Identify Them Before Its Too Late


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There are many illnesses in the world today. This is because the technological advancement has made life very fast. Everyone is work oriented and people face a lot of stress in their day to day life. This stress has given rise to several illnesses. One of them is bipolar disorder.

In the past, the disease was widely known as manic depression. However nowadays, it's called bipolar disorder Due to the two extreme poles that make up the disease. When an individual goes through various symptoms linked with one pole, it means he's having an episode.


The episodes are split into four types:

Mixed mood

Depression is usually characterized by the person not wanting or feeling like doing anything. Mania is characterized by anger and irritation. Maniacs tend to do risky things. The milder form is called hypomania which could lead to either depression or mania; this episode is characterized by good feeling and the persomn may thing that a lot has been achieved. Some people have symptoms of both depression and mania, this episode is known as mixed mood


Symptoms are categorized into depression and mania. Depression symptoms include feelings of unhappiness, extreme hopelessness, extreme worthlessness, and extreme guilt. These individuals sleep a lot or very less and go through changes in appetite or weight. They forever feel tired, fidgety, and can not arrive at a sound decision. The riskiest case is while the person flirts with the idea self-destruction and dying. Manic disorder symptoms include a rise in the level of energy, rushing ideas, less sleep, distracted easily, more confident, more chatty, sharply focused but achieves little, and usually perform extreme or strange actions.

There's no acknowledged reason of bipolar disorder. Some people say that it has something to do with genetics. However that only isn't sufficient to create such disorder. Maybe other factors add to the disorder and that's why further studies are underway.

Anyone can suffer from bipolar disorder and it is not restricted to age, nationality, ethnic group, religion, gender, race or whatever. The brain cells of human beings do not function normally if there's an imbalance in the neurotransmitters. These are particular chemicals which appear to be connected with this disorder.

If you believe you are going through bipolar symptoms, then you ought to check with your physician as soon as possible.

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Bipolar Disorder Checklist I Think I Might Be Bipolar
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