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Dealing With Bipolar Disorder


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Having Bipolar Disorder is not as bad as it sounds and certainly is not as bad as it may seem. Dealing with Bipolar Disorder can seem like a daunting task but it can actually be easy to deal with if you have the right treatment plan and receive support from your family and friends.

I Myself have Bipolar Disorder, I was first diagnosed at the age of 18. It has been about eleven years since I was first diagnosed but since that time I have been able to develop a excellent treatment plan and receive the support I need to live the life I am use to.

One of the most important aspect in dealing with Bipolar Disorder is to make sure you have an excellent treatment plan. A treatment plan is comprised of having a regular doctor that you can count on when your in need of medicine and advice. The second part of the plan is having a therapist that can help you deal with your Bipolar Disorder. He or she can help by guiding you in your recovery process and also by being there in your time of need.

Most people who do not have a treatment plan or fail to follow their treatment plan seem to to have many setbacks. They have a harder time dealing with Bipolar disorder and also in trying to figure out what triggered a depressive or manic episode. They are less informed about their illness and they simply do not care of whether or not they ever get better.

Another, great way that helps in dealing with Bipolar Disorder is by keeping a journal, this allows you to keep track of your progress, keep you addressed about your symptoms and figure out possible triggers that cause a episode. Keeping a journal can also help with the progress being made with your treatment plan from helping you to remember to take your medicine to helping you keep up with your appointments.

Remember when dealing with Bipolar Disorder you should also try to keep a schedule of your daily task from the time you get up to the time you go the bed. One reason why it is important to keep a schedule is because one of the biggest triggers of an episode is disruption in your daily life whether it is lack of sleep, not exercising or a change in your diet. Having a schedule can help to prevent a depressive or manic episodes from occurring and also help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There are many common triggers that can cause depressive or manic episodes but some can easily be avoided. Some of the triggers that are easy to avoid are the ones like when you stop taking your medicine because your feeling better or you start sleeping less because you want to stay out later or stay up longer. Other triggers such as misusing alcohol or drugs are much harder to overcome thus making it harder to avoid.

Following or at least trying to carry out some of the above advice will definitely help you deal with Bipolar Disorder and also help you in your road to recovery. So if you or someone you know uses theses simple measures they will have a greater chance of staying on top of their illness and also help themselves to make the process of dealing with Bipolar Disorder that much easier.

Bipolar Disorder might be a life long illness but always remember it can easily be dealt with if you have the right treatment plan and you take the necessary steps to help in your road to recovery. It does take time to get back to the life you truly cherish so do not ever give up hope or get discouraged!

I am an twenty-nine year old freelance writer from Chicago. I consider myself to be somewhat of a renaissance man I love to do so many things and love everything life has to offer. To learn more about Bipolar Disorder visit my blog


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Bipolar Disorder Can Strike Anyone
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