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Sexual problems in puberty teenage

Venu Mssi

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The Puberty age is a trigger for physical and psychological changes can occur due to Hormonal changes during puberty including menstruating in the girls and sperm production in the boys.

In the puberty age between nine to 16 years of old, hormones can influence physical and psychological emotions. Usually Girls may enter into the puberty age earlier than boys. Physically many changes can occur such as: hair, voice, enlarge breast in the girls, height and weights easily identified without any knowledge.

Most of the girls get maturity in this age and develop Reproductive system and start periods at this age. If the boys and girls take good nutrients in this age, their total life can go happily. If they don’t take proper diet in this age, they can face a lot of problems.

If they don't take proper diet in this age, they can face a lot of problems. If the women get pregnancies in this age, the nutrients can share both baby and herself. So that both zygote and girl (mother) also face a lot of health disorders like arthritis problems for the rest of the life. Most of the doctors suggest the minimum age to get pregnant is 18 years +, but recommended age is 21 years.

Sexual pleasure is not a physical activity, its psychological activity. After puberty age, most of the people both males and females interested to do intercourse, internally body also promote to do intercourse due to *** hormones. Especially who is recently entering into puberty and teenage (around 13 years to 21 years) they have an enthusiastic nature to do intercourse and have *** arousal behavior. Masturbation is the only alternative to them (who is in the puberty / teenage).

After puberty age, most of the people when they are in teenagers may marry someone. Most of the people copulate in this teenage (16 to 23 years). Sex is not a sinful activity; it's a natural process universally between any type of living male and females. *** relationship is depending upon social issues, physical and psychological status and many more factors. Body requires more nutrients in this puberty age, to build inner organs and produce more hormones, so both boys and girls must concentrate healthy diet.

The estrogen (girls) and testosterone (boys) hormones are triggers for improving *** and reproductive system. Sex education and *** knowledge are necessary for the boys and girls for better social responsibility and prevent *** problems . Either Mother or teacher must explain about female reproductive disorders and periods and other functions. Still have any hormonal or other problems contact Homeopathic Doctor .

Note: *** means *** (it is restricted word)


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