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12 Benefits of Practicing Qigong on Daily Basis

Irina Benoit

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Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of exercises and meditation that many people have experienced a more tranquil mind and spirit. It can improve performance in sports, and cultivates health, well-being, and long life. This was inspired by ancient Chinese shamans, Taoists, and Buddhists; all who were seek harmony and peace with nature. There are three major types of Qigong consisting of spiritual, sports, and healing. Evidence has shown that Qigong may be an effect in the treatment of many illnesses including cancer and heart disease. There are a remarkable twelve benefits of Qigong and as follows.

1) Well-being and improved health. Qigong emphasizes the whole body, a true whole system of health. This system has been to cure specific ailments; this is not the primary reason for practice. It is not only about adding years to your life, but adding life to your years.

2) Clear and tranquil mind. When your mind is at peace, the whole universe seems to be at peace. It’s about finding a peaceful heart and soul which begins internally. Other people will notice your presence and wish to know more. If you have a tranquil mind, you will make better decisions and have the skill to know when to act and when to be still.

3) Deeper and more restorative sleep. Qigong will help you find the sleep relaxation that is necessary for a quiet sleep.

4) Increased energy, including *** vitality and fertility. Qigong can give you more energy and restore youthfulness.

5) Comfortable warmth. Qigong is excellent for cold hands and feet. Your circulation improves and the body will generate more internal warmth when it is cold.

6) Clear skin. The skin can become clearer because Qigong helps eliminate the toxins stored in the body.

7) Happier attitude. Practicing correct and moderate Qigong usually creates an optimistic and joyous character.

8) More efficient metabolism. Digestion improves. Hair and Nails will grow more quickly.

9) Greater control over one’s body. This entails that aspects of the body that were imbalanced will begin to normalize again. For example breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and hormone levels will feel more in control.

10) Vibrant eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul and if one is at peace and heart is open, the reflection will be seen by others.

11) Intuition and creativity. Qigong will awaken the brain and being, this will promote the ability to think with the gut and to feel with mind. All this will generate intuition and creativity.

12) Spiritual effects. As you become more advanced in Qigong a variety of spiritual experiences will become more common, such as meaningful coincidences. When the Qi is abundant, clear, and flowing, the senses are more in tune with the universe.

Any of those twelve will benefit your life in a manner that you did not anticipate or thought possible before. In our busy, post-recession and stressful world, having a way to calm down your mind, ease stress, think clearer and make decisions on thoughtful and less emotional way is something that will decide simple things like how much money you bring in, how successful you are at your job and in marriage or relationship, and most importantly, how healthy are you. Qigong in Toronto will improve your health and this one is most important of all, since having a healthy body will allow you to have all the other things in your life.

Irina offers Qigong Toronto classes and workshops at her business location.

For more questions please ask Irina Benoit:

  • Tai Chi\Qigong (Chi Kung 氣功) Instructor
  • Russia Gold Medal Champion in Tai Chi
  • Russia Silver Medal Champion in Tai Chi with Sword
  • NGH Certified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor
  • Reiki Master\Teacher
  • Biotechnologist Engineer
  • Classically Trained Ballet Dancer (15 years) - Bolshoy Theatre - Russia

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