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14 Things You Can Do When You Have Writer's Block

Rellie Lorenzo

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Writer's block can attack at anytime. Most of the time writer's block will surface when you have not written in a while, when you are not organized, when you have a lot of stuff going on, or even when you have nothing going on. It is quite unpredictable. That is why it is important for you to admit when you have it and then act accordingly. The following is a list of specific action steps you can take to help you fight writer's block:

1. Write something ridiculous. Get out a notepad and a pen. Just see what happens. This is very much like shooting practice jump shots before a pick up game of basketball.

2. You can write a list of things you can do to eliminate writer's block.

3. Go for a walk. Get some fresh air.

4. Read something. A good writer reads a lot. Just don't copy other people's literature without referencing them.

5. Eat something healthy. Heck, eat something unhealthy and write about how guilty you feel afterward. Of course, I would not input this into your school essay, memorandum for work, or your novel. Write it in a journal.

6. Get a journal if you do not already have one. Writing without pressure or deadlines can be very therapeutic.

7. Draw something. Draw anything. Get your creative juices going.

8. Exercise. I think I have a very clear mind after a good run and a nice shower.

9. Get away from the computer. Many people get distracted so easily by all the social networking options available when they jump online. It may be easier to get a notepad, a pen, and printed material then go somewhere you can focus.

10. Go somewhere different. If you absolutely can't get away from your computer because everything is saved on there, then why not try going to a coffee shop or a book store with your computer. Bring your laptop, do some people watching, buy your favorite beverage, pick a table, get situated, and get some work done. Being in a different environment does something to the mind and morale. It is almost like hitting your personal reset button.

11. Sing, dance and play. Take time to laugh and giggle. Be silly. Balance yourself out. Be random. Be spontaneous. You can be in work mode later.

12. Call someone. Call a friend or a family member. Call your significant other. Do some talking and do some listening. There is never too much encouragement.

13. Get rid of clutter. Redecorate and reorganize. Get rid of the clutter. Many times a messy desk can block positive energy. A clean environment leads to a clean mind. Plus, when you move around and clean it reminds you (well, me at least) that you actually know how to be productive.

14. Mix it up. Try a combination of all of the above. Do what suits you.

I just wanted to share some things that have worked for me in the past when I had to write a paper for school, write a blog, write an article, or write something for business. Feel free to comment, share, give feed back, and follow me on Twitter.


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Time Out Is In - Writer's Block Is Out
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