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Crystal Energy Start

James Yao

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How to start the energy of crystals, How can I know Crystal has been started?

In fact, to put it bluntly, very simple. As long as hands clasped together, The crystal ore in hand, repeated experience with the crystal and its corresponding with a layer of your chakra resonance, Or to pray for you to achieve the aspirations through crystal, or not, think yourself as a “gas bag”, good deep breath, naturally, smooth body to make their own energy to flow, flow over the hands, Penetrate the crystal ore. Fast, then three to five minutes, Slow, fifteen or twenty minutes, You can feel the heat from the crystal ore itself, The warm, not your hand temperature, Crystal ore itself heat. Can determine that, you can know that the energy had started. Yes, just like this simple.

If there are mineral crystals, too big and you hand can not to hold, you must to take some flexible. Then we take the initiative closer to it, put hands resting on top of it, As the above approach is, good meditation, Let energy flow, Soon start to feel the energy of crystal ore to be. The crystal was really starting, That heat from his own internal. Very interesting! Ordinary objects you touch, Temperature by hand, will be heated, then on the table, a minute or two, automatically cold. But the started crystal, It has been not just hand warm temperature, In many cases even higher than the hands warm, and on the table, after a twenty minute, also gentle, bustling. Friends can do some experiments yourself, to confirm it.

Some people said he would feel in the palm of beating Crystal? In fact, test it, May be blood vessels, pulse beat it. The isolation of these illusions, can be more correct understanding of the crystal. Friends no induction of Crystal, Do not worry, did not the crystal acute shortage of gas, But do not open your meridian, so there is no sense. If you worry about gas shortages, energy is not enough, do not worry. “The time for space. " People can start in three minutes, We use thirty minutes or three hours, or everyday we start ten minutes, Overtime, Can accumulate considerable energy, Will not lose any master. This is a simple math problem, not difficult, Dear friends, please be sure to have confidence.

In the formation process of natural crystal, Some non-ferrous minerals into the crystal inside, Formed a totally natural pattern, when these crystal repeated studies by Artisans after collected from the earth, according to the characteristics of crystal inclusions, After cutting, grinding, polishing and other processes, The natural crystal mineral rich inclusions show up perfectly, Become a very popular thing and appreciation. Is becoming the focus on quality of life and charm of the new generation of urban white-collar love of things.

Carry crystal method:First, trim the latter made of perforated pendant, Become unconventional, unique fine jewelry; The second is hidden in the pocket, sneak in the leisure; Third, put in bag, as any other pleasure in leisure time; Fourth, the meet's best friend, When all gifts are not the time to express your mind, Then the crystal may play a sincere friendship between you and your friends will always witness.

Crystal's unique qualities: First, for natural, In addition to the necessary process modifications, No new traces of man-made; The second is unique, Never need to worry about a second person and you have a same love object; Third, high-grade, Crystal playing with far-reaching conception, beautiful composition, Wonderful celestial into a map, never become tired of, the more play the more love it.


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