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Lucky stone with the constellation

James Yao

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3/21~4/19 Aries- Carbuncle

Mars is the guarder of Aries, Aries friends encouraged by mars with the confidence and courage. Like a fast paced percussion, Triumphant music of victory for you to play. Mars is the belief of “Sustained willpower and strong personal qualities”, In 2011, You need to wear a lucky ruby, Shine a bright future for you, And as the guidelines for your success direction.

4/20~5/20 Taurus- Pink Crystal

Venus is the guarder of Taurus, Friends of Taurus in 2011 to decorate your elegant and charming temperament, Like a rose-colored chiffon, You radiate the love like luster. Venus is the belief of “no mater how busy the life is, It also must to follow the step of beautiful god Venus”, In 2011, You need to wear a lucky pink crystal, to make your love success, good marriage and family harmony.

5/21~6/21 Gemini- Emerald

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, To improve the original Gemini and keen intuition in uncovering was useful, Mercury is the belief of “Response faster than the somersault cloud, Do not fall behind in the action ”. In 2011, You need to wear a lucky stone emerald, Emerald symbolizes life and rebirth, Has a very high healing power, Emerald is considered to have people who will get wealth and prosperity.

6/22~7/22 cancers- Olivine

The moon is the ruler of Cancer, For Cancer friends to add gentle, quiet and motherly love of glory. The belief of the moon is “Aware of your inner thoughts, and let instinct and consciousness-raising potential”, In 2011, You need to wear a lucky Olivine stone, Relieve your tension on the psychosomatic spiritual, Reply to the energy of the birth period, And expand the vision of the soul.

7/23~8/22 Leo- Diamond

The sun is the guarder of Leo, to shine a lustrous gleaming future for Leo, And create a momentum style of the King. The belief of the sun is “Eye of Wisdom, Symbol of the vitality of all humanity”, You need to wear a lucky stone diamond, As long as the diamond-like eyes of fire, Could display the meaning of the sunshine, Legend also says that the sunlight has transport, enrichment of the divine magic power.

8/23~9/22 Virgo- Sapphire

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, to help the Virgo release energy of communication, And to obtain physical and mental balance and happiness, Mercury is the belief of “Learning always and according to the rhythm of life”, In 2011, Virgo needs to wear a lucky stone Sapphire, Because the energy of sapphire corresponding to the Vishuddhi Chakra, an integration hub for awareness and behavior, A symbol of your power and position, And reflect the character of your well-organized.

9/23~10/23 Libra- Blue agate

Venus is the ruler of Libra, create a cooperative atmosphere and a harmonious atmosphere of work and love for Libra. Venus is the belief of “Love of god stand for the love and beauty, Charge of the love and the soft femininity”, In 2011, Libra required to wear a lucky seat blue agate stone, Wearing blue onyx, Can increase the affinity, Can increase the affinity, Strengthen personal behavior and flexible force, Even increase your performance, Create wealth for you.

10/24~11/21 Scorpio- Pyrope or amber

Healing Point Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, to bring a strong support for Scorpio friends. Pluto is the belief of “Bears the most fruitful resources and master key to the soul of life and death”, In 2011, Scorpio needs to wear a lucky red garnet or the amber stone, Because spirituality of natural amber is golden energy wealth can be attracted, Is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, The red garnet guard each person's ability to regenerate blood.

11/22~12/20 Sagittarius- Malachite

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, For Sagittarius friends bring the energy of optimism and learning. Jupiter is the belief of “Happy self-confidence and embrace nature tourism”, In 2011, Sagittarius needs to wear a lucky stone Malachite, Because Turkey is a famous stone in the Western as a peace symbol in travel, also is the lucky stone for attracting wealth, So wear a stone for Sagittarius financial resources extensive.

12/21~1/20 Capricorn- Black Agate

Pluto into Capricorn in the sky, bring a new change for Capricorn, Pluto is the belief of “Burn it, all my desires and dreams” Raging fire guiding an advancing direction of Capricorn, Only in the realization of a dream long-distance journey, you need to wear a black agate lucky stone, Can help you reduce fatigue, Enhance personal courage and boldness, Exclude the negative energy while enhancing self-confidence.

1/21~2/19 Aquarius- Aquamarine

Neptune stationed in the sky of Aquarius, because the gender of Aquarius, Neptune is the belief of “To enhance the psychedelic world of spirituality and tolerance”, Like a deep mystery sea, The country is yearning for the soul, Is also the Aquarius creative source of energy to obtain. In the realization of your dreams, You need to wear a lucky stone Aquamarine, It is the same as if the sea, Can heal the soul of those who feel upset, makes people quiet and peaceful.

2/20~3/20 Pisces- Amethyst

Uranus in Pisces’ sky, t o bring Pisces friends dramatic change, Uranus is the belief “Subvert your ideas, In the pioneering work of reform and anti-traditional, Get a life”, Life is like a stage play without a script, You are the protagonist of the spotlight. When your life in the performing arts, You need to wear a lucky stone amethyst, It allows you to remain calm in times of crisis, In a loss there is a keen determines.


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