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Different crystal on the role of various parts of the body

James Yao

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More and more people choose crystal bracelet. Crystal belongs to those who qualify as “Ambilight", “dazzling" and other similar rhetoric to describe. Crystal is not only beautiful but, And is sent to a variety of magical power. In fact, Crystal's principle is to increase the frequency of individual, Send and receive more powerful information, To achieve the effect of absorb the light of the universe to achieve and promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, make health.

Clear crystal Beneficial to the enterprise

Transparent colorless or white crystal, the natural crystalline hexagonal cylindrical shape, belongs to the clear quartz family. White crystal’s energy, Corresponding Sahasrara Chakra of the seven chakra, just in head center position, Disease gas of the body, black gas, discharged from the soles of the feet, Makes clear-eyed, physically fit, for career and health are very helpful.

Phantom help actively to create wealth

Phantom represents the cause of the wealth, The corresponding energy is the body's Anahata Chakra, call Broad ones mind, Receptive to new things, Actively creating, Develop new ways. So, for ones business, Whether attacking or defensive, Has a great help, Careers, Wealth will naturally build up.

Aquamarine emotional stability

Aquamarine is a very precious jewel, corresponding to Vishuddhi Chakra of the seven chakra, location of the throat, could stabilize and comfort personal feelings, improve the ability of express and perceptive, benefits to the throat heals, Balance of the lymphatic system, etc. . Because Aquamarine belongs to the five elements of water, Best suited for someone five elements of water to use and wear, More suitable for frequently use language, speech, voice, etc. Business, Such as teachers and salesmen, etc.

White Ghost cleaning bad memories

The white ghost inside exists mist like a mountain shadow, Or pyramid-shaped white bulls. Its special features, For individual can be purified the gas field, That can wash the bad memories in the subconscious. As long as the white columns placed in the suboccipital, Can be through a dream, and some bad memories of personal wash thoroughly.

Rose Crystal enhanced feelings

Red crystal, crystal hibiscus, pink quartz, rose quartz are all belong to rise crystal, other named rose quartz, corresponding to the seven chakra of Anahata Chakra. Is located in the middle of the chest, help balance the “thymus", strengthen the heart and lung health, relaxation of the tension. Close to or wear rose crystal ornaments, enhance personal charm, get attention by the opposite sex, feelings can also be warm.

Citrine to enhance self-confidence

Citrine is a kind of rather rare, Yield less crystal. The energy corresponding to the human seven chakra of Sahasrara Chakra, is the energy center of self-support. As long as we wear citrine jewelry, enhance self-confidence, makes the self-stand more steady, But also promote gastrointestinal and liver health. Citrine is also a stone of wealth, Corresponds to some people hobby investment, speculation to use.

Smoky crystal reduces cranky

The energy of smoky crystals, pragmatic and stable, Corresponding body’s Moodadhara Chakra, help the adrenal gland and colon health. In the spirit of active, nervous person, Or those who speak little, smoky crystal is their best helper. Because smoky crystal can help the stability of personal spirituality, no longer cranky. Physical, smoky could help the Manipura Chakra, Enhance *** performance and fertility, Mitigate or prevent insomnia.

Amethyst enhances their intelligence

The reason of purple amethyst, because the iron mixed with elements of. Amethyst energy, Corresponding to the body’s Ajna Chakra, middle of the eyes, Can enhance the body’s all parts of the “self-healing" capability, help health. In addition, Amethyst fit on the desk and work in, Help us improve thinking, creativity, Also enhance memory, intelligence.

Tourmaline resolves the harmful radiation

Tourmaline is very beautiful, many colors, Also known as “watermelon tourmaline". Even in a rough stone, Can also have a variety of colors, So the energy can be appropriate for each body part. Tourmaline uniquely has energy and strong momentum, You can break the long-term stagnation, Caused by negative energy, help the body clear the blood, could treat rheumatism and arthritis

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