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Tai Chi History, Benefits and Teachers

Irina Benoit

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Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice with great value for today. Here is an interesting quote from the sixth century B. C. This inscription was found on twelve pieces of jade which may have been formed from the knob of a staff or rod

In breathing one must proceed as follows.

One holds the breath and it is collected together.

If collected, it expands.

When it goes expands, it goes down.

When it goes down, it becomes quiet.

When it becomes quiet, it will solidify.

When it becomes solidified, it will begin to sprout.

After it grows, it will be pulled back again,

to the upper regions of the body.

When it has been pulled back,

it will reach the crown of the head.

Above, it will press against the crown of the head.

Below, it will press downwards.

-Needham, Science and Civilization in China

Tai Chi theory is based on the principle that all life is essentially energy in various forms, and that our human body/mind is part of the vast matrix of energy that comprises of the Universe. The basic components of this energy are called the Three Treasures. The Three Treasures are Shen (spirit), Chi (energy), and Jing (essence). The principles of Tai Chi state that the Spirit/Soul (Shen) id the director of all Vital Energy (Chi) in the body. The flow of this Vital Energy is what determines the level of function of our organs, tissues, enzymes, proteins, hormones, and other vital substances (collectively known as Jing) in the body. Imbalance in one or more of these three energetic levels can cause problems in the others. Tai Chi uses sitting and moving meditations to allow our Shen (Spirit) cleanse the body of Chi (Energy) deviations so that pure Chi can be collected and circulated in the body, which can improve health and immunity in our physical bodies and increase our emotional well-being.

Modern methods of communication have opened up Tai Chi to a much wider audience than ever before and people have the opportunity to study and understand many different styles. In addition, people are able to compare Chinese Tai Chi to similar arts from other countries such as India, Japan, Korea, and the Middle East. In the near future, Tai Chi will be considered the most exciting and challenging fields of research. It has a rich history and new technologies are developed each year to explore endless possibilities that will greatly help humanity to understand and improve itself.

For more information ask Irina Benoit - Tai Chi\Qigong (Chi Kung) Instructor, teaching Tai Chi Mississauga groups and workshops, regularly rolling new beginners and intermediate levels.


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