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Generational Curses and Changing Reality


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Say you are in a room of servants that you contracted to assist you and you knew that you would have to tell them specific details of what you wanted to have happen, would you hesitate? You wouldn’t beg, plead, or sheepishly ask them to comply with your requests. You would state what you wanted and know that it would be carried out. There is something bigger than you out there that can inspire your move forward that will bring your requests to fruition. Some call this the God of your understanding, heavenly guidance, angels, Source Energy, Love, Divine intervention, or Nature. We are always connected to the Universe in a myriad of ways and Science and Spirituality are merging on many concepts and scientific research these days to prove the connectedness to Mind, Body and Spirit. In fact it is priceless in showing us how to change what is still thought by many as situations that have plagued us and become hopeless and impossible.

This is important in the ways we connect with our inner selves to change generational curses and a family curse. Curses come I many forms and from the beginning of recorded history. I have learned over time the ability of guidance to assist to change what was thought can only be done through a Priest or Spiritual advisor. The importance comes in understanding responsibility for our selves and the possibilities of our own creations for positive or negative. This responsibility never implies blame only a willingness to do what is necessary to change negative circumstances. This step cannot be taken out of the equation for healing at any level. This responsibility is the bottom line you can bank on, that will cause situations at the root of the matter, to change the affects you are experiencing. After all we do have free will. We are all connected in this quantum soup of possibilities that gives rise to differing realities from forces that appear to be outside ourselves. In reality it all comes from within and then is experienced in our outside world. The inner space world and the outer world are always connected and science is doing a marvelous job in proving this fact. The ole’ adage is “As within so without, as above so below. ”

We are to be gentle with our selves in coming to new terms of perceptions and perspectives that shape our own modern reality. Research is changing and reshaping our consciousness. Adapting to this new information is now possible since we have options at our disposal to change our apparent realities that were not made conscious to us before. We indeed are now at a stage in our evolution of great change. But of course it will all depend on how you perceive the changes on any matter.

These changes do not come about by merely repeating affirmations, but in understanding how the mind works, and that we are to be the boss of our thinking. We have the ability to change the data and repetitive thoughts that have already shaped us, that are molding what we now experience from those previous thoughts that have resulted in negative live experiences. This is occurring because our conscious awareness is now ready to grasp at a higher level of consciousness the understanding of the power we all hold within us. For more information on visit .


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Battle Prayer To Break a Generational Curse Line
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