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Top Five Reasons to Try a Raw Food Diet


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1. Health

Raw Foods are packed with nutrition – vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and live enzymes. They none of the empty calories, bad fats, and artificial chemicals found in the average American diet. Some of the major health benefits of raw foods include:

- Heart Health – Studies have shown that vegetarian and vegan diets often result in very reduced cholesterol levels and improved overall heart health.

- Diabetes Prevention – Replacing refined sugars with wholesome foods improves glucose control and results in more stable blood sugar levels.

- Cancer Prevention – Eating just a few servings a month of raw cruciferous vegetables has been shown to reduce the risk of bladder cancer. A review of about 50 studies showed reduced risk of oral, pharyngeal, laryngeal, esophageal, and gastric cancers.

- Weight Loss – A raw food diet provides more nutrients with fewer calories, while still allowing one to eat as much as they want. Many people report drastic weight loss in the first month(s) of starting the diet and almost all loose at least a few pounds.

Additional benefits people often experience are

- increased energy

- strengthened immune system

- improved digestion

- clear skin

2. General Ethics and Compassion for Animals

Many raw foodists are naturally nonviolent. Besides health concerns then, many vegans are also opposed to the mistreatment and killing of animals for food.

3. Spirituality

Raw foodism aligns with many Eastern religions. It can be an way to live in harmony with all creatures – moving within nature instead of against it.

4. Ecofriendliness

A raw food diet is great for the environment. Livestock is one of the biggest contributors to worldwide environmental degradation, air and water pollution, climate change, and biodiversity loss. The meat industry has been estimated to produce at least 18% and as high as 51% of all the greenhouse gas emissions on earth.

Animals fed on grain need more water than grain crops. Animal-based food is generally much less efficient than growing plants for direct human consumption. Raw food, as an extension of veganism, is even better – less energy is used to heat, process, and package food.

5. Fun and Deliciousness

Raw food is delicious! A healthy, energy-filled smoothie in the morning is so much better than a fatty, caffeine and sugar –induced high that crashes by mid-morning. Nothing beats starting your day with a tall, delicious glass of blended fruit and veggies.

Bonus: Kitchen fun! Rather than cooking, raw foodists blend and dehydrate their food. The most popular blender among serious foodies is the Vitamix blender. A vitamix doesn’t just blend, it pulverizes. You can throw in whole foods: skin, seeds, leaves, and fiber. It can blend just about anything you can fit in it. Add a handful of whole fruit, some kales or other greens, and ice, out comes a delicious, refreshing, healthy meal to start your day. Visit Raw Blends for a Vitamix promotion code for free shipping (a $25+ savings)!


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The Raw Food Diet - Is It All It's Cooked Up To Be?
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