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Want To Make Money Online? Google Sniper 2 Will Help You Make Bank


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Are you out of money? Is your job sucking away your life and soul? Are you fed up with the clueless, jerkwad management at your job? Do you think about ways you can make money so you can be your own boss?

Internet marketing has helped tens of thousands of people quit their day jobs and become their own bosses. Since the costs to begin are relatively cheap, the ‘weapon of choice’ for many beginners is affiliate marketing.

The question is, what is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where YOU advertise for another person/company's website or product, and YOU send traffic to that website to buy the product. You get a cut for every visitor who buys a product. ‘Affiliate’ means you're affiliated with that site in a business relationship. has affiliates. So does And so do tens of thousands of other sites on the web.

The most important question to ask is how do you get people to visit those sites? Traffic can be paid for, or you can get it for ‘free. ’ But let's be honest: you will put in a lot of time to get ‘free’ traffic, mostly in crafting websites that will attract visitors through Google and other search engines.

Back in 2009, George Brown (a 19-year-old internet marketing prodigy) came out with an ebook about how to create websites to sell affiliate products. Free traffic from Google was the main point of the websites, and they were optimized to rank high in Google. He called the system “Google Sniper. " And it was enormously successful in the online marketing world, making over $1,000,000 in sales. And thousands of people began using the information in Google Sniper to begin making money online, month in and month out. His approach was definitely “set it and forget it" - build a site, do a few things, and move on to create others.

George came out with other ebooks and systems after Google Sniper. But more than that, he's poised to revisit his first and most famous product on February 14, 2011 with the release of Google Sniper 2.0.

George has gone back through the original and updated his tactics and even added some powerful new ones. There is more emphasis on how to get more traffic, including a section on article marketing. And, knowing George, there will be some great information that he's keeping secret so his competitors can't steal it.


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