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Methoxetamine - A New Chapter of Scientific Research in the UK


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Methoxetamine, more formally known as 2-(3-methoxyphenyl)-2-(ethylamino)cyclohexanone and MXE and MKET for short, is not only a completely unique chemical but it has not been available to the market commercially until recently. Months have been invested into the development of this chemical and the purity has been brought right up to 99%. Official sellers of the chemical will be able to provide product analysis as proof of its authenticity.

In essence, Methoxetamine is 3-methoxy, N-ethyl analogue of 2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)cyclohexanone which many know better as Ketamine. Unfortunately, without a Veterinary license scientists in the United Kingdom have been unable to conduct research into Ketamine. With the release of Methoxetamine, scientists, researchers and freelancers throughout the United Kingdom will be able to conduct elaborate research into this interesting and challenging chemical.

Where to buy Methoxetamine? Right now - You simply cannot buy Methoxetamine. Any United Kingdom based websites selling Methoxetamine at this time will not be sending their customers Methoxetamine and any websites selling the chemical at this time are likely to be unscrupulous vendors and one should consider the authenticity of any other products they sell. One vendor in particular has a string of websites allegedly selling Methoxetamine - tests conducted on his product concluded it was in fact Tiletamine which is also a dissociative and a relative of Ketamine and MXE. Although Tiletamine hydrochloride is related pharmacologically and chemically to both Ketamine and MXE and comes in white crystal form, its use as a research chemical is very poor. However, its use as Bear tranquiliser in the United States of America is very effective.

The official genuine suppliers of this interesting chemical have also put a notice on their websites stating that they will put a link on their site to any other vendors (even those not affiliated with them) that stock this product and can prove their Methoxetamine is genuine with the relevant paperwork and NMR Spectrum. So far no other vendors have come forward and provided any information to prove the authenticity of their product. One must wonder why.

One leading Asian lab has literally only just brought production into bulk levels and the first large shipment of Methoxetamine has yet to arrive to its final destination in the United Kingdom. You will find that the vendors who launched with product are simply taking pre-orders at this time in preperation for the release of Methoxetamine.

Vendor wars and propaganda is nothing new to the internet, no matter what the product or service is. When it comes to research chemicals you should never, ever buy from a vendor who cannot provide you with an up to date product analysis and NMR Spectrum and even naming their provider is harmless as with most manufacturers, the MoQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is always very high and beyond the reach of the average end user. Do not be fooled by free samples and low prices, stick with the vendors you know and trust because there are many vendors out there who believe that reputation is everything and strive to provide scientists throughout the United Kingdom with the very best research chemicals possible.

Should you would like to Buy Methoxetamine or for more detailed info regarding the release date of Methoxetamine


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