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Why do we trust them with our lives? Part 1

Angela Lynch

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Large chemical companies

Who are they? They're the ones who put commercials on television. They are the ones who try to convince us to buy their products. They are the ones who produce a product that does nothing but hurt us. I know this sounds very far-fetched, but they are never asked just what it is they put in their products. We asked, there is a list, we look at the nutritional values and everything don't we? But what exactly are these products made of? We consumers blindly buy from what we see on TV. Why is it we trust them with our lives? Who are they and where did they come from?

They are the people who want to make large amounts of money on our lives. They are the large companies in the world of commercialism. They all, along with the FDA and United States department of agriculture or USDA, decide what is good for the population and we follow along, without asking any questions.

It's time to start asking questions, it's time to start wondering just what it is that's in these products and what they are doing to our bodies. Let's start with the chemical companies, we put their chemicals all over our homes, we even clean our babies toys with these chemicals and they put them in their mouths. Big companies like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and Clorox, produced products to clean our house. We are promised a healthy happy household if we use their products, and indeed, they do clean the house, kill the germs and all the bad bacteria, but what are they actually doing to us? If they kill the germs and bad bacteria in the house and the residue of the chemicals are left all over, what effect is that residue having on us, on our children? These large chemical companies are also involved with our food and how it is processed, packaged and sold. Everything that we buy from the store has been packaged in a box, or some type of plastic wrapping. And we trust it? The same companies listed above, make toilet paper, shampoo, soap, laundry soap, deodorant, anti-perspirant, toothpaste, household cleaners, air fresheners, and a lot of the food that we eat, just to list the few items. We put all of these products, at one time or another, on our bodies or in the air of our homes. The chemicals within these products are absorbed into the body, or ingested, or we breathe them in. Yet do we really know what these chemicals are or what they do to our bodies?

Let's take Clorox cleanup cleaner with bleach, the warnings are all over the labels, we do understand that it is filled with bleach, bleach is a toxin. The label specifically says hazardous to humans and domestic animals. Do you think that when you spray this chemical on your counters that there is not a residue? And yet we still do it. This particular cleaner has a recommended warning not to be used with persons who have heart conditions or chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, emphysema or a destructive lung disease. Now let's look at Mr. Clean, this product is made by Procter & Gamble, this product does not have the same warnings as the Clorox, I think it should, it simply says contains no chlorine bleach or ammonia but, if swallowed, drink one or two glasses of water and call a physician or poison control center, do not induce vomiting unless they tell you to do so, the caution reads; causes eye irritation keep out of reach of children and if we are keeping it out of reach of children this is toxic to them as well as us. There is no list of ingredients on Mr. clean multi-surface cleaner, not that we would understand what it was any way. Next is Glade air freshener, now remember this is the chemical we are spraying into our air, meaning small particles, the ones we smell, are going directly into our mucous membranes through our nose. The mucous membranes in the nose lead directly to the bronchial; these tissues absorb very quickly and affect the brain just as quickly. This explains why many drug addicts snort the drugs they choose, quick absorption, quick high. Glade air freshener is made by Johnson and Johnson, it's warning label states to keep out of the reach of children and pets. Inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal. There is no list of chemicals used in this product, however, it makes sense, doesn't it, that if inhalation is dangerous and we are spraying this into the air we are going to inhale it.

Fact: Anything that has contact with our skin no matter, under our arms, or on our hands, is inhaled through the nose or mouth, will be absorbed. This contact over time will build in the bodies system and make us toxic, causing cancers, and other illnesses.

There are a wide variety of natural cleaners that do the same tasks as the toxic chemicals these chemical companies use. The Best part of natural cleaners is obvious, they are not toxic to you, your children or your pets and they do the same job the toxic chemicals do. At the web site natural health resources you can find all the natural cleaners needed to have a healthy home!

Angela Lynch is an Author and Nutritional Researcher who has spent the last 15 years studying the nutritional needs of the body and how it all works together. She is a trained medical transcriptionist and studied from the Nutritional Institute of California. She has created a site at to answer questions and to provide over 180 natural health resources for the body and the home!


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