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Universal Laws of Attraction - Five Happiness Affirmations For Building Emotional Wellness, Intimacy

Angela Chen Shui

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Universal Laws of Attraction Happiness Affirmations Theory and Tips

Happiness affirmations exist to help you create an effective shift from the unwelcome visitations of sadness, anger, overwhelm, hopelessness and the sense of not being on your true life path.

Happiness affirmations can be very helpful if you use them with conscious cosmic healing and universal laws of attraction techniques that build deep self awareness.

Sometimes affirmations are used as a mental tool or technique to remain in denial of clues that your real emotional feelings exist to provide you with.    Building long term emotional wellness is about the process of paying attention to your emotional clues to yield the insights they offer.

Five Universal Laws of Attraction Happiness Affirmations For Body, Mind and Spirit Freedom

I Am the Essence of pure life-giving joy and happiness.

I Am happiness in full, magical expression.

I Am Being Happiness and Passionate Joy today.

I Am the Passion of Life Flowing Fully and Abundantly Always.

I Am Abundant Happiness Flowing Over and Blessing Everyone and All of Life Itself.

Cosmic Healing Power Potential of These Universal Laws of Attraction Happiness Affirmations

As you begin to use the five universal laws of attraction happiness affirmations above, don't just use them in an emergency situation.    Use them to build up your internal power, the strength of your human energy field and its resultant attracting power.

Most of all, don't use these happiness affirmations to bandaid over your feelings that only want your compassion, love and attention.

Instead, commit to use these powerful cosmic healing and universal laws of attraction happiness affirmations as tools to help you get deeply into the truth of your authentic feelings.   This helps you build true trust in yourself and confidence in your own innate Soul guidance.

It is this combination and process of building emotional wellness and a strong, deep personal relationship with your Cosmic Self that sets your body, mind, spirit, life and Soul free.  

To fast track becoming deeply intimate with your Soul level insights and authentic feelings, you can access loving support in a safe, monthly group space via my “Inner Power Hour" teleconference.    Just follow the links below and get involved!

Angela Chen Shui, “the Soul Alignment Coach" and Angelic Communication Channel, has taught inducing consciousness techniques to individuals and groups since 1990. To learn and practice effective Universal Laws of Attraction techniques, Angela invites you to join her monthly group “Inner Power Hour" LIVE teleconference. Just request your own FREE enlightened spirituality growth coaching newsletter for more details at:

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EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique Your Fast Tool To Wellness
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