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Why Am I Always Tired?


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Why am I always tired is a question that is not asked enough! Most people accept they are tired due to work and family and never question if they can do anything about it.

So why am I tired all the time?

Try having a early night or have another cup of coffee is the usual response that most people will give if you state you are always tired. The one response that annoyed me was when someone responded with “I've always got load of energy" they just don't understand how it feels!. The theory of having an early night may work if you think you are tired due to lack of sleep but if this is not the case then going to bed early could actually make you feel worse. And for the people who suggest more coffee, well they obviously don't have a clue. Coffee is a stimulant so yes it will make you feel better, but only for about half an hour then you will come down with a bump! Filling your body with stimulants is not the answer and can cause long term damage!
Felling tired can be caused by a wide array of aspects in your life. Your health and day to day living are the main factors and there are many thing you can change:-

  • Do you sleep through without waking or are you waking regularly?
  • Are you over sleeping or under sleeping?
  • Are you overweight or even underweight?
  • What is your fitness level?
  • Is stress or worry affecting your life?
  • Do you have a solid relationship?
  • Do you have young children to look after?
  • Do you regularly drink too much coffee or energy drinks?
  • Do you drink alcohol on a regular basis?
  • Are you expecting too much of yourself?

    How you are feel can be affect by any of these aspects so you need to think about when the tiredness started and try narrowing down your search for an answer. Unfortunately the arrival of a new baby in the house will bring tiredness for many years to come so you will have to live with it for a while but even then if you try to live in a healthy way the impact will be minimal.

    If these things do not help then stop saying ‘Why am I tired all the time’ and take a look at our reccommendations which may help you not only get back on track but help put you ahead of the bunch! Or get more healthy living tips at To Get Healthy .

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