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Your Subconscious Programming is in the Driving Seat

Cari Corbet-Owen

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It is not neutral nor is it impartial because your subconscious is the record-keeper for every bit of conditioning you've ever been exposed to. And that means it's full of judgements about everything from how people should, must and ought to look, to what they should must and ought to eat and so on.

Spaced programs your subconscious mind

Your subconscious, once it's programmed, simply assumes that what you've been told over and over is the truth and it acts accordingly. That's why we all have different truths. If you're brought up in rural Africa, your conditioning is that living in a larger body makes you fertile, good marriage material and hence desirable and sexy.

If you grew up in the same body but in our Western culture the exact same body would leave you feeling as if you're at risk for bad health, undesirable and unsexy.

And if you'd grown up during a different time in history you truth would change according to whatever is dictated by the cultural messages of your time. So if you lived in the time of the Rubens, you'd have believed that carrying some extra weight was a valuable health preserve and that being curvaceous and well rounded was sexy.

But if you'd lived in Twiggy times in the same body - well it would have been a whole different story. Why? Just because your subconscious programming tells you so, that's why.

If you've been given the message over and over that there is something wrong with you because you don't have a certain type of body - you'll get to a point where you no longer even query the validity of that message.

How your subconscious mind governs your actions

And here's the problem with that. When you've driven by a subconscious belief, you don't realize that your conscious mind is not in the driving seat. So you may be going through your day feeling pretty good when you pass a shop window and catch your image - and next thing you know you're feeling bad.

What you don't realize is that your subconscious programming has reminded you that you're not OK- and it could have happened in the trillionth of a second. But just that trigger is enough to change how you behave and feel. So a few minutes before you may have been striding out confidently, now suddenly you're feeling self-conscious.

Suddenly you find yourself tugging at your clothes to hide those imperfect body thoughts, you start thinking about dieting again, you start comparing yourself to others - your subconscious has just hi-jacked you.

And when you're feeling self-conscious, without realising it you unwittingly draw attention to all the parts of yourself you'd like people not to be drawn to. Not only that but you also land up acting as if you are less attractive and when you start doing that you're subconsciously pushing people who might normally might be drawn to you away.

Act as if you are fabulous and others will see that in your too. Act as if you're unattractive and undesirable - and those are the results you'll get. Not because you are unattractive or undesirable, but because you believe you are.

Cari Corbet-Owen, Clinical Psychologist and author of ‘The Joy-Filled Body’ and ‘Mind over Fatter. ’ Visit for free ‘Joy-Filled Body’ tips. For much more detail on how our thoughts govern our thinking go to:


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