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Dimension of Wellness, How to Achieve It?


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What is dimension of wellness?

It's something more than just lack of sickness or having a healthy body. . . .

It's definitely not just some products to make you feel good or be physically fit. . . . . .

It's to do with how you achieve your full potentials.

It's self-directed and is an ever evolving process of change and growth in your life.

It's also a philosophy of life. It's recognizing the fact that your health means more than just lack of illness or having a healthy body.

Wellness has 6 dimensions - physical; emotional; spiritual; intellectual; social and environmental.

When you attain these 6 dimensions (each one is equally vital in the pursuit of optimum wellness), you're considered whole or complete. . . . . .

1. Physical Wellness

Exercise, eat well and generally leading a healthy lifestyle are the keys to physical wellness.

Making these right choices about exercise, diet and lifestyle will affect how you feel tomorrow and the quality of your life.

You might want to gauge whether you operate in the realm of physical wellness by these parameters:

  • Eat a balanced, nutritious diet that's rich in vitamins and minerals; good fats; lean protein; complex carbohydrates and fiber
  • Cardio exercise 3-4 times per week to benefit your heart and to improve/maintain your health
  • Get enough sleep
  • Seek medical help when sick
  • Take relaxation breaks daily to relax and de-stress
  • If *** active, use effective birth control method and take steps to minimize risk of *** transmitted diseases

2. Emotional Wellness

This is your ability to handle your emotions in a positive and constructive manner, to maintain them in a healthy state.

How you manage your feelings and behaviors; how you recognize your own limitations; how well you cope with stress; how well you express your feeling outwardly and your level of optimism, self-confidence, satisfying relationship, joy and happiness, are major building blocks for your emotional well being.

3. Spiritual Wellness

This doesn't mean you're religious. Rather it's your quest to find meaning and purpose to your life and also be tolerant of the beliefs of others.

Your faith (in religion), values, beliefs, principles and morals define your spirituality.

And the inner quality of being compassionate; loving; forgiving and joyful will help you enjoy your spiritual health.

4. Intellectual Wellness

You've an active mind; receptive to new ideas; think critically; seeks out new challenges; stretch and challenge your minds with intellectual and creative pursuits; being creative, curious and motivated to master new skills.

These are the critical success factors to attain this dimension of wellness.

5. Social Wellness

This is how you contribute to your environment and community and how you build and cultivate better living spaces and social networks.

Basically, you've satisfying relationships; support networks; you participate and contribute to your community and pick up good communication skills and establish social closeness and intimacy.

6. Environmental Wellness

This dimension sees you leading a lifestyle that's respectful to your environment to minimize the harm you do to it.

You practice healthy measures aim to improve the standard of living and quality of life in your community.

You treasure earth's natural resources; conserve energy, buy organic food and products and appreciate what nature offers.

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