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Energy Medicine and Your Spiritual Health - A Quick Guide To Your Two Upper Chakra Healing Points

Angela Chen Shui

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Energy medicine helps you to understand more about how your mind, body and spirit work together in holistic harmony. This spiritual journey is an exciting revelation of insights and intuitive knowingness that help you to become more aware of yourself and how to create the life you want.

You have seven spiritual healing or energy medicine chakra points that help you use the spiritual meaning of numbers to manage your spiritual health and fitness. Let us take a look at two intricate energy medicine chakra centers that govern your spiritual awakening and spiritual growth in important ways.

Your throat chakra energy center is located at your throat area. This fifth chakra point governs everything to do with your ability to effectively communicate and express yourself fully. If you experience problems in your throat area, look to issues to do with communication and full self expression. These may be blocked or unfulfilled in some important way.

Your sixth or third eye energy medicine chakra point is located between your two physical eyes. This spiritual healing energy center governs your ability to see with the inner sight. The clarity of your Intuitive knowingness and being able to ‘see’ your situation and the possibilities that exist for you in any given area of your life is directly related to this chakra.

Each individual chakra in your main seven chakras energy medicine system work together. No one chakra works independently of the others. As you focus on one or other of your chakras, remember that you are an intricate, vital and complex energy system.

Begin to effectively learn about and use this to help you create what is important to you in your life. As you consciously breathe into and create spiritual healing balance in your physical body temple, your mind, emotions and spirit benefit.

Breathe into each energy chakra point and imagine each opening like a wonderful sun presence of love, light, wisdom and power. See your chakras open, flowing and balanced.

If you are experiencing a specific life challenge, use this growing life skill to help you clarify the energy center that requires healing energy. And take a few minutes to infuse the relevant chakra with loving energy and balance.

To listen to audio versions of this and other practical spiritual health and mind, body spirit information that you can apply in your own life and to request an energy medicine, chakra healing/balancing session, get the free spiritual life coaching newsletter below.

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