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Understand causes and consequences of Low Self- esteem


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Self-esteem refers to how you feel about yourself. It can dictate the way you run your life and view others. When one has negative feelings, they can develop a state called Low Self-esteem that could be damaging both for the concerned and their family members. Work effectively so as to change the state of Low self-esteem requires understanding the causes and the consequences of the behavior.

Experts indicate that our esteem develops from childhood relationships. Basically, positive experiences strengthen the child’s esteem, while negative experiences lower it and reinforce the symptoms of low self-esteem. Single and separate events do not determine the level of self –esteem. Low self-esteem develops over time and can change before adulthood. However, the foundations of low self-esteem are supposed to be laid in childhood. Children who feel that they are valued by parents and have the confidence that their problems are understood develop a better internal picture of themselves. On the other hand, children who feel abandoned or have suffered *** abuse generally develop a low self-esteem over time and cannot even recognize when they develop destructive relationships with family members or friends. This feeling makes people be unrealistic about their goals and have poor natural ability to protect themselves.

Symptoms of Low Self-esteem encompass worse feelings: feelings of worthless and incompetence; feeling of being unloved or abandoned; overwhelming of fear and negative thoughts; fear of change and destructive relationships. One who feels low self-esteem usually has a distorted view of others, and thinks that they are better than him/her. Therefore, those who suffer low self-esteem have to think differently. When the appropriate treatment is given, it can lead to a better acceptance of one’s strengths and weaknesses; an enhancing of abilities, more trust and confidence and the ability to strengthen his/her relationships with others, especially with the loved ones.

Those who endure Low Self-esteem may need counseling therapy. A counselor can help you to enhance your ability and develop a better view of yourself. A good counselor is someone you can trust and feel confident with. You should read about the past experiences and details of the one you choose, and make sure that he has successfully helped other patients before booking a rendezvous. Counseling therapy includes “person-centered” help and transactional analysis help. You may also choose a cognitive behavioral therapist that may help you to monitor your negative feelings and faulty thoughts. A cognitive therapist may need the help of a colleague, a psychodynamic therapist that help the patient to understand where his/her Low Self-esteem comes from.

In a materialistic world where people are almost forced to compare with others, it can be challenging to leave with Low Self-esteem (or lavt selvværd symptomer as we call it in Danish)feelings. Those patients need to be understood and encouraged by their family members. Low self-esteem therapy (or effektive psykoterapi københavn as we say in Denmark) can last for long, and people who have succeeded to cope with these feelings have tried for months to think differently. Religious groups can also help to cope with Low self-esteem feelings.


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