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A Quick Look At The Signs And Symptoms Of An OCD Sufferer


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It has occurred to everyone at some point, that an idea or thought is fixed in our minds, dominating our thinking. Whatever we do, during that period, we cannot stop thinking about that “something. " Until, finally, after a period of time, either we fix it or we just simply forget about it and move on with other things in our lives. However, there are people who cannot get rid of those thoughts and over time, the problem became fixed in his mind until it became an obsession. This is obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Along with the obsessions, there are also compulsive behaviors or ‘ritualized actions’ that must be carried out in response to the obsessions. Compulsions vary, from switching the lights on and off four times before leaving the house, to hand washing with soap 15 times a day. The compulsions are carried out to ease the anxiety brought on by the obsessions, even though doing so only provides temporary relief, and before long, the obsessions will haunt the person again. This is why people with OCD performed his or her compulsions repeatedly.

These are the two main features - obsessions and compulsions, which define the OCD, an anxiety disorder that is affecting many people around the globe, and it is said that this disorder is more common than previously thought.

One of the main concerns, other than the sufferings of people with OCD (and their families) is that the causes of this distressing disorder are unknown. It is likely that genetics and a stressful or traumatic event can trigger obsessive-compulsive behavior. Anyway, even though there are several theories about this, there are no known established causes of OCD.

Nevertheless, it is essential (as in almost everything) to assess the situation. The person with obsessive-compulsive disorder should be aware that their behavior is not positive, either for himself or for those around them, and should take steps to improve their lives. In some cases it may be helpful to start some sort of journal or diary to record those obsessive thoughts and then to analyze them with others. Behavioral therapy can also be very helpful.

In any case, it is necessary that people with obsessive-compulsive disorder to be aware that it is not good to be obsessed with an idea to the point that the compulsive actions that are being carried out are taking too much time and energy, and are interfering with normal day to day activities. It is therefore necessary to seek help from family, and mental health specialists.

So, do you think you have OCD? You can find out by taking this helpful online OCD test , and by learning more about what is OCD .

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