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Some Helpful Tips for Coping with Panic Attacks


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Panic attacks are awful. Left to their own devices, they can seriously limit and constrict your world. Learning about these bouts of terror is useful, and there are a number of great tips for panic attacks that I want to share with you.

Learning how to stop panic attacks has been the challenge of my lifetime. Here are some tips I use for coping with panic attacks and anxiety that you may find helpful too.

* When you start to feel anxious, don't shrink from the feelings. Acknowledge them. Accept the sensations, no matter how unbearable they seem. Trying to suppress the feelings or fight them only serves to make the anxiety worse.

* Remember: these feelings cannot harm you in any way. At the peak of a panic attack, it's not uncommon to think you are having a heart attack, or going insane, or are dying. These are very intense feelings, but feelings aren't facts. Know that you will never die, have a heart attack, or go crazy from a panic attack.

* Know that the panic attack is self limiting. When you feel one coming on, or are in the grip of anxiety, your feelings are intense and terrifying. But remember, panic attacks are fueled by adrenaline and since your body only has a limited supply, it has to run out. So remember, no matter how bad it feels, know that It WILL STOP.

* Do not beat yourself up because you have panic attacks. Many sufferers do this, but it doesn't help. Anxiety is a normal human emotion, and everyone experiences it to some degree. Having panic attacks does not make you weak or mentally ill, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

* Try to eliminate caffeine from your diet. Coffee, soda, and energy drinks are to be avoided or limited if you have anxiety or panic attacks. If you really love your coffee, try switching to decaf. Be aware that chocolate also contains caffeine.

* Reach out to others. Keeping your feelings inside keeps you sick. Talk to someone, a friend, counselor, priest, rabbi, or your doctor. Do not isolate yourself or keep your feelings hidden. You can also join any of a number of anxiety forums on the internet.

* Drink only in moderation and don't do drugs. Pot, hallucinogens, and uppers can cause panic attacks, and so can hangovers from a night of over drinking. A lot of folks with panic attacks drink alcohol to soothe their nerves. Be careful not to over drink. Note: If you need help with substance abuse, go to Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

As you incorporate these simple tips into your daily life, your panic attacks will lessen and you will start to feel better. Good luck!

There are a variety of self help programs for panic attacks. I use Panic Away and am now living the life I always dreamed of. Get started today !


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