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Something to Cheer You Up Without Food or Alcohol


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How do you cheer up when You’re Down? First of all, it’s okay to feel that way. We all do sometimes. Some of us may feel down more often than others, and that’s okay too. it’s important to deal with the any initial feelings of denial, anger, guilt, and blame. Though these feelings are perfectly natural, they won’t help you feel better.

Here are some tips to improve your mood and cheer yourself up, without turning to food or alcohol:

1. Let Music Take You Higher. Turn on your favorite music and sing! Have fun with it! Sing, dance, play an instrument. Practice your favorite song and then go to karaoke and let the world hear your talent!

2. Get enough sleep. We all function better, think clearer, feel more refreshed and less stressed once we get into the habit of getting enough sleep.

3. Breathe. Breathing is normally a subconscious function, but conscious breathing can help reduce stress and tension. Focusing on your breathing keeps your attention on the present moment and is a common component of meditation, a proven stress reducer. Breathe deeply and slowly, noticing each breath you inhale and exhale.

4. Go for a walk. Fresh air does wonders for your body and spirit. If you can go to a park or a place in nature, even better. Here are some things you could do: go for a walk, fly a kite, plant some vegetables or flowers, roller skate, ride a bike, or go on a ‘treasure hunt” to find things for an art project.
Here are some things you could do: go for a walk, fly a kite, plant some vegetables or flowers, roller skate, ride a bike, or go on a ‘treasure hunt” to find things for an art project.

5. Exercise. Lift your mood with some aerobic exercise or weight lifting or some other physical activity since doing so boosts your body’s natural mood regulating chemicals. You’ll produce more endorphins and raise your levels of your brain’s natural antidepressants: norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine. The physical activity will help lift your mood.

6. Try to have fun. If you have the time, slip in one of your favorite comedies or go rent one. Plan a Party. Connect with friends and family. For others go and meet some new people. feeling lonely can trigger the mood swings

7. Laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. Keep handy a book of jokes or a favorite comic strip cartoon. When you feel blue, immerse yourself in the humor and go for a stomach-aching full laugh. Deep laughter improves your immune system and helps you keep life’s problems in perspective.

8. Express Your Creativity. Do some painting. Decorate your house with flowers. Do a paper mache project. Pick up that guitar, practice and write a song. Practice juggling. Make a funny photo album with all those old photos you’ve got in boxes by adding quirky caption above each picture. It doesn’t have to be good. Just doing these things will make you feel good. And if you keep doing them you’ll naturally get better.

9. Apologize. Guilt and regret can hang around us like a lead weight, bringing on mild depression without our awareness of the cause. Offer up a sincere apology for things you’ve done or said that offended or hurt another. You’ll feel the relief of your burden of regret even if you aren’t able to personally deliver the apology. Offering it up to the Universe is sufficient.

10. Personal Spa and Relaxation Day. Include as many of these ideas as you like or have time for. Get a massage, pedicure, and haircut. Take a bubble bath with candles, music and champagne. Give yourself an egg-white or mud mask facial. Line up 2-3 movies to watch in bed while eating your favorite delights and more. What else would you include to pamper yourself?

The next time if you’re temporarily down in your life, try one or more of the above interventions. Though you can’t remove the negative situation with these interventions, they can help you regain a positive, problem-solving attitude more quickly.

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