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OCD Forum How Can I Tell My Family and Friends That I Have OCD?

Derek Soto

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Mom, Dad, Granny. “I have OCD. "

I know you wish it was that easy to do.

I know that you must get anxiety thinking about it, if they don't know already, how could you tell them?

I mean seriously? What is the correct way? Will I be embarrassed? What will they think of me?

Here's the key:

You've just got to be honest about it. You might be tempted to lie about it but here's the truth. If you lie about it, the truth will be found out later anyway, so save yourself the trouble and just be honest. Tell them that you suffer from it and that you want them to help you through it.

That is a great reason why you would want to tell them that you have OCD. That way instead of having to hide everything and being looked at as someone that does strange things, they can understand and help you through it.

"Derek, you don't know my family and friends, they would think that I am crazy or something, they would disown me or something!"

This is a scary thought, but it's just not true. I have seen things being said, but I have never seen that happen, ever.

What you really need to do is just be able to go in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you are done giving into rituals, and then just stop doing them!

Then follow through with what you just said!

After you confront yourself, if telling other people is an issue for you, just tell them, get it out of the way, then everything will settle and you'll feel better. Waiting makes things harder, so just take care of it now.

Take action: Just tell them. Then have a friend who already knows who you can call for support and if not, grab your pillow and go in your room and just let the awkwardness drain. Watch a movie and do other things to take your mind off of it.

For me, it was easy to tell people, it was just never an issue with me, but everybody is different, let me know if this helps you.

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Derek Soto is an ex-sufferer of OCD who teaches people how to overcome their OCD for good in a very short time using little known techniques which are usually ignored by the medical field altogether.

Derek Soto also mentors people on a wide range of subjects including how to control your thinking naturally, how to defeat anxiety, phobias and how to change your thought processes so that you will be happier and live a more fulfilling life, period.


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