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What Are the Common Symptoms of ADHD?

Rajgopal Venkataraman

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The hallmark symptoms of ADHD include inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity. Mainly there are three types of ADHD - Combined (symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity) which is the commonest, inattentive ADHD (impaired concentration and attention) and hyperactivity-impulsivity ADHD. For a diagnosis of ADHD it is important to understand that some symptoms should be present before age seven and there must be some impairment of activities due to the symptoms in more than one sitting like at both home and school.

INATTENTION: The symptoms of inattention manifests when the child is faced with a challenging social environment like schooling. The following are the symptoms of inattention:

1. Difficulty paying attention to details, making careless mistakes in school or other activities, messy and careless work.
2. Frequent shifts from one incomplete activity to the other.
3. Procrastination.
4. Difficulty finishing schoolwork or paperwork or tasks that require concentration.
5. Inability to maintain attention span on tasks or activities.
6. Disorganized work habits.
7. Easy distraction by irrelevant stimuli. Interruption of tasks by trivial noises that others are not paying attention to.
8. Failure to complete tasks like homework.
9. Forgetful in daily activities.
10. Frequent shifts in concentration, not keeping mind on conversations, not listening to others and not following details or rules of activities in social functions.

HYPERACTIVITY: These symptoms are always present before the age of seven and include:

1. Always on the go.
2. Fidgeting or squirming when seated.
3. Having to get up often to walk or run around.
4. Difficulty in playing quietly or engaging in quiet leisure activities.
5. Running or climbing excessively when it is inappropriate.
6. Talking excessively.

IMPULSIVITY: Symptoms include:

1. Difficulty in delaying responses.
2. Impatience.
3. Difficulty in awaiting turn.
4. Blurting out answers before question is completed.
5. Initiating conversations at inappropriate times.
6. Frequently interrupting or intruding on others.

Watch out for these warning signs of ADHD:

1. Not listening to instructions.
2. Excess talking.
3. Fidgeting, especially hands and feet.
4. Inability to get organized.
5. Failure to finish projects.
6. Difficulty paying attention to and responding to details.

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ADHD Tip - ADHD As A Medical Diagnosis And ADHD As A Mental Health Diagnosis
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