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ADD and ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder Presents Challenges to Getting Organized

Beverly OMalley

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Attention deficit disorder, also known as ADD, is a condition of the brain that affects a person's ability to pay attention. While it can occur into adulthood, it is most commonly recognized in school children because of the difficulties that arise the learning environment. While the condition affects many areas of every day life, organizing abilities are often one of the most noticeable challenges that they face.

Someone with ADD and ADHD commonly struggles with concentrating on one specific thing. Their mind tends to wander from one thing to the next, making it difficult to accomplish a task or finish with one thing at a time. They might start something and within a few minutes move on to the next project.

Although they may struggle with making plans and getting organized, they do tend to have a better attention span with things they enjoy. Similarly, they can organize and plan things much better if they are excited about them and enjoy the activity.

But the main reason people with this condition struggle with organizing is because of the multiple steps that are required to accomplish organizing tasks. It is simply too challenging to concentrate long enough to plan out a step-by-step analysis for something. Instead, after the first few steps the person with an attention deficit disorder wants to move on to the next project. Because of this, getting organized and staying organized presents a constant challenge. Others may see the individual as simply a lazy person or a person who lacks the intrinsic motivation to carry through on things or look after their own personal business. It is also very frustrating for their loved ones when they constantly lose things.

Children with ADD and ADHD will forget where they put their homework, where they put their books, or where they put that permission slip necessary for the school field trip. In fact they might not even remember that they were supposed to present the permission slip for signature! Adults commonly misplace their keys or financial papers, and difficulties with managing money are common.

For some children in school, learning becomes more arduous if they have ADD or ADHD. It can even be difficult for them to process three instructions in a row. Instructions like: “Get out your Science book, turn to page 225 and do problems 3-8. " can be challenging to remember. Because they do not follow through they may be accused of not listening.

Getting organized is certainly a struggle for individuals with ADD and ADHD. With their mind racing as fast as it is and little concentration, organizing and completing tasks is a challenge they will always face.

Fortunately more is being learned every day about this condition and how it affects people in their daily life. Some professional organizers even specialize in working with ADD and ADHD individuals to set up systems for them that will help them to get and stay organized. Ultimately this can help them improve the way they manage the everyday tasks of organizing the matters of everyday life.

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