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Autism Symptoms Mild Signs of the Spectrum Disorder


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The signs of autism sometimes show up during infancy, but it isn't until around three years old that children exhibit the milder signs. Because early intervention is crucial for the development of the child, the following guidelines are presented to assist parents in recognizing mild autism in their child.

* It is difficult for them to make friends. Socialization is impaired because of an inability to communicate effectively. If they are able to start a conversation with a peer, they may not be able to sustain it.

* They become focused on one activity to the exclusion of their surroundings. They may even sit and stare at a toy or other object for long stretches of time.

* They show a decreased ability to make eye contact with others and are unable to maintain it for long when they do succeed at it.

*Sudden temper tantrums may occur over situations that are not bothersome to average children. Yet when it comes to others, they show a distinct lack of consideration for feelings and desires.

* An autistic child may repeat lines from a conversation, book, or movie incessantly.

* The child might talk too much or talk about things that are unrelated to the current conversation. Attempts to draw them back to the topic at hand can be futile.

* They may have extremely precise knowledge of things that seem trivial to those around them. For example, a mildly autistic child might know every type of bolt used on a specific type of vehicle.

* They may have impaired fine and gross motor skills ability.

* They may not pick on cues from the body language of others.

Autism, whether mild or severe has been described as being “locked inside oneself". They usually recognize that something is wrong with them and this can cause distress leading to depression and a worsening of their symptoms. Because of impaired social development, children with mild autism are often bullied and teased. This causes them more psychological damage and if the problem is not addressed, it may cause their condition to worsen into the more severe form of autism.

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