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ADHD Tip - Celebrate Today With Your Child When Helping Him Cope With His Symptoms Of ADHD

Rory Stern

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ADHD is not just a disorder or illness that affects a child's ability to be organized, maintain focus, and complete tasks. In fact, one prominent researcher has said that attention deficit disorder is much better understood as a problem with an individuals ability to manage time.

That makes sense, right?

I have also heard that people with ADHD tend to have a difficult time understanding how their actions today can impact the future. It can be difficult for them to understand the future. This raises an interesting dilemma. It is important to work towards the future, but nothing is more critical than today, the here and now. So much of what we do in life, or what we strive for is future oriented.

Take school for instance. For most people, the big picture of going to school is so that our children can have an education and eventually find work. Sure, there are many other reasons as well, but at the very basic level, school is meant to prepare us for the future.

While it might seem obvious that in order to make it to the future, we must accomplish tasks today, it is easy to overlook the day to day benefits of school. Look at it another way, it is easy to take for granted the success we achieve when a child completes his or her homework or passes a test.

Most of us gauge success by certain measurements, like report cards at the end of a marking period.

Okay, so what's the point, you might be asking yourself?

When a child with ADHD struggles on a daily basis, we need to let go of working towards the big picture. We need to forget about the report cards and end of semester grades. While they serve a purpose, we need to focus on today. We need to help our children overcome the battles of finishing homework.

Homework, or the daily tasks, must become step one. If we don't develop a strong foundation and find success there, then I am not sure what we are working towards.

Part of this foundation I speak of, relates more to celebrating the little victories and accomplishments. Celebrate every success with your child, rather than overlooking the little battles that might not seem hard fought. As a parent of a child with ADHD, you probably already know this. You probably know that even finishing homework is a battle for your child.

If that's the case, then let's celebrate that victory and help our children appreciate success in the here and now. Tomorrow will always be there, but today's moment will be very quick.

What's the cost?

When we do not celebrate the little victories, and instead focus on the future, we risk teaching our children that today does not matter. We risk teaching them that the future will always be better. But unfortunately, when we get to the future, it is never good enough.

Help your child appreciate today's success and victory when managing symptoms of ADHD.

And now I'd like to invite you to watch this powerful message made specifically for parents of children with ADHD

You are also invited to keep up with the latest news and ramblings on ADHD at

From Dr. Rory Stern & The Truth Behind ADHD


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