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Bipolar Disorder - Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

Jitesh Arora

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Bipolar disorder is a condition which is defined as presence of episode of abnormally elevated and depressive mood. These episodes are sometimes separated with normal mood. Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depressive illness. The deep mood swings of bipolar disorder may last for weeks or months causing great disturbances in the lives of those affected as well as family and friends. In some patients episodes of depression and mania alternate and this condition is known as Rapid Cycling.

The symptoms can be seen at young age. The diagnosis can be put on the basis of observation and experiences which are explained by the patient. According to a recent research bipolar disorder is related with large number of symptoms and most of the time disease is not correctly diagnosed.

The symptoms of the disease are opposite for both the type of episodes some symptoms of manic phase are euphoria, risky behavior, increased *** drive, extreme optimism, poor judgement, racing thoughts and rapid speech on the other hand symptoms related with depressive phase are hopelessness, sadness, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, guilt, speech problems, fatigue and irritability. Some people suffering from this disease are completely detached from the reality and often see hallucinations.

If you suspect bipolar disorder in your friend or a loved one then it is a good idea to visit your physician for proper diagnosis and treatment as undiagnosed disease most often worsens. But if bipolar disorder is treated properly the patient can live an effective and productive life.

Now You have general information about Bipolar Disorder and what you need to know next is Treatment of bipolar disorder for which you have to visit Health Blog which is being run by Jitesh Arora.


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