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Natural Treatment for Anxiety and Panic Attacks - Natural Remedies to Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks


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There are a lot of ways to lower your anxiety and panic attacks. I came across 4 natural treatments for anxiety and panic attacks, and these helped me get my life back. I made changes to my diet. I included some relaxation techniques and light exercise into my life. I stopped holding my problems in side of me and I bought Joe Berry's guide on stopping panic attacks.

There are a lot of natural treatments for anxiety and panic attacks but these are the once that worked for me. I first made changes to my diet! I stopped completely drinking coffee and replaced it with herbal tea. There a lot of calming teas you can use but the one that really helped me is around three to four dollars brand name Java and it says anxiety on the box. I also ignore sugar loaded drinks and food. Sugar can really trigger your anxieties. In addition, I ignore junk food and eat a lot healthier. Fruits and vegetables are a must!

I have a disability so I cannot jog or fast walk (these would be great) but I can lift weight so that is what I do. The thing is when you work out, you get negative energy out of your body! In addition, your mind clears a lot and if you have an issue, you may even come across a solution during your workout.

Simple breathing exercises are very helpful. There are a lot of them, but one that is very easy is to breath in and say “I am" than breath out and say “relaxed". Doing this at least 10 times does calm you down a lot.

I also started talking to my family and friends about it. At first I was embarrassed that I had this problem (nothing to be embarrassed about)! I first started talking to my wife, but than later on, I discovered that some of my other friends had similar problems. It actually surprised me even more to see how many other people have this problem. It just felt better to get it off my chest. And it saved me a lot of money on therapy.

But the main problem still remained. The fear. You see after we have our initial attack we all live in fear on when is it going to happen again. That is where the problem is and that is what I wanted to stop. Even though all these natural treatments for anxiety and panic attack helped, I still needed to get inside of my mind and stop it right there. That is where Joe Berry's Panic Away really helped me!

There are many more natural treatments for anxiety and panic attacks, but these are the once that really worked for me!


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