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Social Anxiety Disorder In Youth


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Most adolescent at some point experience shyness or insecurity in their life when they are beginning to meet people, create relationships and date women. However, there is a mental illness called social anxiety that can affect youth in a very severe way.

Social anxiety is a disorder that prevents the adolescent from meeting new people, have social interaction, talk in public and have a normal social life any kid of social activity becomes a real emotional challenge.

When they are going to meet someone, they are thinking, what do I say, how do I say it, do I look good, am I going to look like a fool, am I too nervous, I don't know what to say those are just some of the difficult to control to the point that they can experience panic attacks.

A young person should try to face his fears in order to become more comfortable with them, however for some people this becomes impossible to do in some situation, they can interact with their close friends or family members, but with strangers is a nightmare.

The adolescent needs to seek help from parents and experts. A psychotherapist can help him change his beliefs that are stopping him from doing his daily activities, sometimes they have some thought patters that they acquire as child or a trauma that changed their beliefs of himself.

The usual treatment for youth is medications and psychotherapy. Antidepressants are used to reduce some of the symptoms in the short term, but psychotherapy is the only way to eliminate the disorder.

You will have to face your fears little by little, you can start to meet people that have the same interests as you, so you know that they will like you and will have an easy conversation, then you will be able to meet other kinds of people.

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