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ADHD Tip - Top 10 Reasons You Want To Be Like Dr House When It Comes To Your Child & ADHD


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While this character can at times be crass, rude, sarcastic, and maybe even a little mean to his patients, he never forgets that his goal is to help his patient. As a parent, you want to approach a possible ADHD diagnosis with the best intentions in mind for your child. It's far too easy today, with our busy schedules, to lose sight of our goals.

2. You need to be an investigator as well as a parent.

Despite being a licensed physician, House sometimes goes outside the lines a little bit. Maybe he bends the rules sometimes. But the bottom line is that he gets things done, and identifies what is troubling his patients. In your role, you need to be both parent and investigator. The lines will get blurry and maybe overlap. It's okay! Just remember that while you are frustrated and trying to figure out what is going on, that your child is your child and needs love and attention.

3. You need to ask the hard questions.

The great thing about House's character is that he is not afraid to ask the tough questions. He knows what needs to be asked, and he does it. Sometimes he might upset his patient, or other professionals at the hospital, but again, he gets the job done. As a parent, you need to ask the tough questions in such a way that reinforces the love you have for your child while still getting to the bottom line.

4. He always seems to be having fun.

Think of all the fun this guy has. He is confident, and maybe a little arrogant. He sometimes steps on toes, but he seems to enjoy it. While not everyone will agree with his approach or his attitude, he does seem to keep a level of “fun" in his work. There is a valuable lesson there. Once the job is no longer fun, not only do we not do a good job, but we become mean and lose sight of what is important.

5. It takes a team to figure this out

Have you ever noticed that House never works alone. Even when he doesn't have his own team, he relies on other experts and professionals in the field. Brainstorming and sharing ideas can only benefit you, your child, and your family. Never forget your opinion or bias, but it's always helpful to hear from others.

6. Stand your ground and advocate.

Have you ever noticed how House's character stands up to his boss? In fact, he sometimes appears as if he is crossing the line. However, there is a level professionalism communicated between the two characters. There is a difference between standing your ground and advocating your case versus being totally out of line and out of order. Advocate for your child. Stand up for what you believe. Communicate with professionals.

7. Don't take life so serious.

Here's one of the finer traits I admire about this character. Aside from always having fun, he knows just how serious to take things before they get out of hand. Too many people get caught up in the “severity" of an issue, and lose track of the fact that life is supposed to be fun.

8. He doesn't always get it right the first time.

If figuring out the diagnosis were easy enough to always get it right the first time, then wouldn't everyone be a doctor? Understanding your child's symptoms or behavioral patterns takes time. It's all trial and error. With the exception of doing harm, there is little damage that can be done if you slow down and try out or learn as many alternatives as you can.

9. Don't overlook the obvious.

Sometimes when things get so serious or so real, we tend to overlook the obvious. In cases of ADHD, many professionals make a leap to diagnosing the disorder based on a few key behaviors. Unfortunately, there are far too many other reasons or causes of many of these same behaviors. Never overlook the obvious, even if it is something that you don't think could be the cause or trigger.

10. There always seems to be more going on.

Despite the diagnosis, the patients that Dr. House treats always seem to be impacted by other events, situations, circumstances, or people that raises the bar. Even if your child truly does have ADHD, chances are that there are other related issues at hand. Always go back to finding the root cause of behaviors.

And now I would like to offer you access to an almost 60-minute audio interview with a successful professional who has been struggling with ADHD for over 15 years now.


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