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Approval Addiction and the Need to Please Everyone


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You may depend on others who seem to always let you down. You might ask yourself “who can I really trust and depend on?” You may also feel like you are doing everything in your power to make the ones you love happy and you get nothing in return. Many struggle with these issues on a daily basis.

A lot of people go to psychiatrists or doctors who listen to them because they are getting paid and prescribe medicine to help them to be happy. I know this first hand. Actually for a while this may deter your thinking and make you seem that everything is OK but who wants to take a pill to stay happy?

On my pursuit to happiness I wasn’t giving up until I found the key to happiness. What I found out is there is a key to happiness and the bible is a good place to start. Everyone is looking for something, what they don’t realize is that it is there with them all the time. God is omni-present which means that everywhere we go he is there with us. Isn’t that wonderful? Everywhere we go we have someone there to guide and protect us that will never let us down!

So, it’s not at all that you need more money or more stuff, because the more you get the more you want and you’re never happy. It’s that we need to have faith and trust in God because soon all material things will be gone. Each person has there own personal relationship with God and different beliefs. I believe as long as we believe that Jesus died for our sins and we try our hardest to do what is right in God’s eyes that are what’s important. God will guide you in prayer.

It is easy to get side tracked or want to believe the same thing others believe, but your relationship with God is yours and you have to ask yourself what you believe. All of those that believe that Jesus died for our sins should not judge one another for other trivial beliefs but stick together and be encouraged. It is easy to get off track but no one is perfect except God. Sometimes you need trials to help on the way to perfection.

Emily Spaulding is a recovered drug addict who now teaches others how to live a happy, healthy life. For more on Approval Addiction please visit


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Addiction - Is our Addiction Killing Our Kids?
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