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Sign Of A Panic Attack - Major Signs And Symptoms


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What exactly are signs of a panic attack? Many advantages have been brought to people of modern day life. Pressure and stress are factors that play a role in doing a lot of things. If not handled properly, pressures and stress-related events, can lead to nervous breakdown and to mental conditions such as anxiety and panic attacks.

There are signs of a panic attack in everyone who suffers from this dreaded disorder. Everyone will experience being anxious at some point in their lives. It is a normal occurrence. But, anxiety levels of a person can be affected by biological and external factors, such as traumatic experiences and stressful events. Factors with extreme levels of anxiety can cause uncomfortable physical and mental symptoms that can lead to panic disorder.

Rapid or irregular heartbeat, difficulty breathing or chocking, profuse sweating, hot or cold flashes, shakiness or trembling, nausea, diarrhea or constipation are symptoms or signs of a panic attack. The dreadful fear of having another attack is another of the symptoms.

These are just some of the many signs of a panic attack. There are many more symptoms that occur. It differs from person to person because each person handles stress differently and have a different body chemistry.

Many medical professionals believe that these symptoms are brought on by panic disorder. The panic attack sufferer not only has to recognize the signs and symptoms of panic disorder, but they also must include recognition of the reasons why the attacks happen. According to experts, there are several theories as to why these attacks occur in the first place. The most common reason being genetics and heredity.

Researchers have agreed that if panic disorder runs in the family, the person is more likely to experience attacks when compared to those who have not been predisposed. Genetics are just the root of the disorder. External factors such as stressful life events, unhealthy diet, hypoglycemia and some medications play a huge roll in becoming diagnosed with panic disorder.

Today, medical researchers have developed treatments and solutions to the problem, as well as preventions. Two major treatments that are given are usually behavioral therapy, administering of prescription drugs, or a combination of both, if necessary. Seeking medical attention is the first thing you should do, if you have been experiencing signs of a panic attack. A licensed professional can diagnose panic attacks and start a treatment plan.

Once your condition is diagnosed by the physician or trained specialist, you can then begin to use your treatment options that will help prevent the panic disorder or aid you in stopping the panic attacks. Look for the signs of a panic attack and use the directed treatments immediately.

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