Impact of the Death and Adjustment Hypothesis - A Self Analysis


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The first question that one might ask that – Is it possible to assess any impact from scientific point of view on one oneself? I believe the answer is very clear. I have completed my PhD with the major psychotherapy. During a psychotherapy session a therapist observes himself too along with the patient for the sake of good management and precaution against any misconduct. So I can assess myself for the impact of the hypothesis.

The first thing I felt after the formulation of the hypothesis completely is that I could think about death more naturally and practically. I talked to the family members who depended too much on me and I suggested them that they should have something of their own to survive even in my absence – due to death or any other natural and practical cause. I was not pessimistic or depressed in discussing all these. And the proof of it will be seen in the next paragraph.

The next thing that I felt in myself is an urge for a good healthy life. Before, I was reluctant about my overweight and also reluctant to exercise and control my diet. My parents are patients of hypertension and diabetes both of which in conjunction with my obesity increases my risk of being ill in the near future. So I started walking for exercise every evening that I could not start for the last three years with the same reasons in my life. There was no anxiety in me concerning any future illness; rather it can be compared to increased awareness about illness. I felt happy.

Finally, I had some things that I was doing to achieve a goal of being a successful human being. I was so busy and anxious about those things that I did not have time to sleep well. Even I could not spare some time for my son or my other family members. I was feeling that I was being alienated in the craving for success and fame. I was feeling sick and I could not restrain myself. It was like an addiction for success that did not regard any rationality or limit. After 2 to 3 days of the completion of formulating the hypothesis, the restless attitude was subsided. I had my ability to think and work; but I was free from the painful impulsivity for ambition. I felt better than before and also assumed that it is the healthier life style that I needed.

A question came to my mind that, as a Muslim the concept of death advocated in the hypothesis was very much known and accepted for me. Then how can the hypothesis newly influence me! I also found the answer after giving ample of thought for it. They were – 1) May be my belief about the concept about death advocated in the hypothesis had become fade or weakened, which is in fact a sad thing to say. and 2) The formulation of the hypothesis gave me some chance to practice or remind myself about the pattern of death that I believed and thus it became more practical and renewed for me. I felt that remembering death with its true appearance or concept, which I advocated in the hypothesis, is helpful for a healthy and easier life.

I could discuss the above very scientifically. But I want this article to be very much understandable for the ordinary people. So I will not go for any complicated scientific discussion about the incidences I described in the article.

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Dr. Mohammad Samir Hossain PhD is a researcher teacher of Psychiatry and a Psychotherapist in Bangladesh. He is renouned for his educational and research activity in mental health sector nationally and internationally. The Dictionary of International Biography cites his brief biography starting from its 33rd edition. One of the best educational institutions involved with his educational activity is the Harvard Medical School of USA. Visit his personal page at .


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