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What is Jock Itch?


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Jock itch also known as tinea cruris is a fungal infection which affects the skin in the areas of the inner thighs, genitals and buttocks. This type of infection usually appears as a ring shaped rash that is both red-colored and itchy.

Jock itch is so named because people who sweat excessivily such as athletes or jocks are known for developing this specific rash quite often. It is also quite common in individuals who are overweight. That is not to say that only these people can develop jock itch, as anyone can suffer from this infection.

Although jock itch is often uncomfortable and can become quite annoying it is usually not a serious problem. One exception to this however may be those who have weakened immune systems. The best way to treat jock itch is to keep the area of the groin as clean and dry as possible. Antifungal ointments will also be beneficial for reducing the itching and burning that often accompany this kind of infection.

The most apparent symptoms which may indicate the existence of jock itch include things like itchiness and inflammation in the regions of the genital area as well as inner thighs and perhaps even stretching to the rectal area. A burning sensation might also go with this inflammation and itchiness plus the skin may look to be flaky or peeling. Wearing under garments or other styles of clothing that are tight could possibly be unpleasant or hurtful during this period and going for walks or other varieties of exercising could make symptoms even worse.

A fungus referred to as dermatophyte is what normally leads to the actual growth and development of jock itch. These types of organisms are microscopic and therefore are usually found on the skin nevertheless so long as your skin is kept clean and dry they don't generally cause any issues. When certain areas of your skin are excessively moist, for example from sweating, it permits this kind of fungus to spread leading to the fungal infection called jock itch.

Some other bacterial infections which are known to be brought on by a similar form of fungus include athlete’s foot or even ringworm on the scalp. In some instances an athlete's foot infection might even spread to the groin region to cause jock itch.

Jock itch could be transferred from one individual to another using bath towels that have been contaminated from the infection. Different ways of spreading this kind of infection include sharing clothes or having intercourse with somebody who has this kind of infection.

The actual microorganisms that bring about jock itch reside in locations that are damp and dark. Parts which are known to perspire heavily like the crotch area are specially prone to these kinds of conditions. If the area perspires heavily it flushes away your oils in the skin which are produced to wipe out this along with other varieties of fungus infections. This in turn tends to make developing jock itch along with bacterial infections more likely. Even though jock itch impacts males much more than females nonetheless women can get this at times unpleasant infection too.

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