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Breast Cancer in Men - What Are Male Breast Cancer Symptoms?


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Many people have this belief that woman only get the breast cancer. You should not be amazed to know that breast cancer is also common in men, only they disregard its symptoms or get misapprehension of some other sickness. Men feel it as a social disgrace and like to avoid feeling awkward for this reason and they often deny their suffering from breast cancer.

Discovering breast cancer in men:

It is better to get educated and acquire knowledge about signs and symptoms that can very useful to detect and treat breast cancer in men. Cancer is easily curable if it is detected in initial stages.

- Painless growth or swelling or thickening of breast
- Scaling and getting inflammation of nipple its region around it
- Roughness or retraction in nipple spot
- Change in nipple color. The nipple is involved in the reddish appearance or bloody release from nipple

Causes for Breast Cancer Risks:

There are several factors that can contribute to the risk of breast cancer in men. Some of these risks relate to heredity and ageing, which can not be totally eliminated. But, there are many other factors such as in-nutritious diet, consumption of alcohol, addicted to smoking etc, which can be curbed.

So one should know what is to be avoided to prevent the chances of getting breast cancer.

1. Men get breast cancer at the average age of 67 years. The possibility of getting cancer is between the age of 60 and 70 years. They should be cautious to get it detected at the earliest.

2. The data reveals an interesting thing that nearly 20% men diagnosed for breast cancer have some female relative also suffering from breast cancer.

3. If someone got treated with radiations on chest area earlier, he stands greater chance for breast cancer.

4. Between 5 and 10% of breast cancer cases in men are due to genetics. Heredity increases this risk. The genes help in growth of cancer.

5. The chances of breast cancer are, more if a male has medical history of a congenial detect called Klinefelter syndrome, where he has excess of X chromosome that causes reduction in male hormones and increase in female hormones.

6. Getting used to estrogen related drugs increases the risk of breast cancer as the breast cancer cells are believed to be estrogen receptors and enable easier growth of cancer.

7. Persons with lever diseases are also more prone to breast cancer since the body has more estrogen activity and reduced androgen activity in such cases like cirrhosis.

8. Men with excess obesity are more at the risk as their fat cells increase significantly. Fat cells convert estrogen from androgen resulting in concentration of estrogen in the body, which increases the risk of breast cancer.

9. Consuming alcohol without any control can cause the growth of breast cancer in men as alcohol affects the lever severely to promote diseases of lever and accumulation of fat, which also helps cancer cells to grow.

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