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Is Your Erection Size Average? If Not, You Can Make it 3-4" Larger With Hand Routines


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Many men are misled by people who lie constantly about average penis size. One of the worst culprits are women who just swear that if they don't have sex with a 8 or 9 inch penis they simply can not be satisfied in any form. Are they telling the truth, or are they trying to depress you and control your emotions to make themselves feel better. This article puts forth the hard facts about average penis size and explores a way to naturally make your erection much bigger if in fact you do fall below the average mark.

What are the real averages, the ones that are verified by independent third parties and not by a bunch of size queens or guys at bars.

The real average erect penis length is known, for a fact, to be exactly 6 inches long. Not 5 and 1/2 inches, and not 6 and a half, but a dead even 6. Anyone who tells you something besides this is just lying to your face. And this is the size that the vast majority of men possess. Just a little over 25% of all men have this average size. The next most common size is actually 6 and 1/2 inches coming in at approximately 15% of all men in the general population.

How many really big guys are there out in society? The ones who have 8 and 9 inch erections?

These men are pretty rare. 8 inch erections account for only about 4-5% of the all men. And guys who have the giant 9 inch erections only account for 2 percent or less of everyone on the planet. This should really help you start to understand how badly women and men are lying when they either claim to only have sex with men this big, or swear that there are in fact one of the men who possess one of these members. If you took 100 men at random of the street, you are likely going to get only 1 of them who has a nine inch erection, and chances are that if you did this in certain geographic areas you wouldn't even find one.

There is a way to get 3-4 inches bigger with just your hands if you fall below average or just want to be bigger.

Natural hand exercises can make you substantially bigger by simply applying gentle pressure to the base of your penis and working down the entire shaft. These routines use nothing but your own two hands, and the results you get are permanent. That is they last for life. Once you get to the size you want you can stop doing them for good and your size will not shrink back because the penis is not a muscle.

These exercises will add 3-4" to your penis.

Performing these hand routines will make you considerably larger. And if you're happy with you results and choose to stop, you keep your gains for life. The penis is not a muscle, so regular exercise is not required.


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How to Make an Erection Last Longer
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