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Preparing Your Head For the Bald Shave - Avoid Razor Burns


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If you have never shaved your head, or it has been a while, a little planning goes a long way for a clean, smooth shave.

You will want to keep the area you are shaving in clean. Lay down cloth or newspaper so it is easier to clean. Use an old t-shirt or poncho to keep the hair off your clothes. You're going to be working on all positions of your head, so if you feel you have to be able to see, make sure you set up a pair of mirrors.

Use a pair of scissors to cut very long hair, and move to clippers to crop your hair as short as you can - typically a quarter of an inch is optimum. Try to use with a guard or guide and be careful not to get the teeth into your scalp.

At this point you probably resemble a marine recruit who just had an assignment with a drunk barber. Do not worry; it will all be gone in a little while. Prior to shaving, get your head as wet as possible. It is most comfortable to shave after a shower. Having a wet scalp will cuts back the chance that you will suffer from razor bumps or ingrown hairs. Implement a shaving lubricant and get it worked in as well as possible by using a shaving brush or your fingers. Rub it in a circular manner, stimulating your scalp.

Razor burn is often a reality of life if you are shaving your head on a steady basis. Men with sensitive skin often go through these small, unattractive bumps. It is also a problem for men with thick hair as it grows back. Shaving can cut the stubs at an angle, making the hair sharper - making you more susceptible to ingrown hairs, too.

So if you want to keep and maintain a bald, sexy head, what can you do? It is all in the shave and the aftercare. You will be able to minimize your chances of razor bumps and burns with a little information on how others do it so well.

Always shave with a very wet head. Numerous bald men prefer to shave after a hot bath or shower, which is a great idea since it opens up the pores. If you shave dry, use a hot, wet towel wrapped around your head for at least two minutes. After 2 minutes wet your head again with warm water. Wet hair cuts better and easier than dry hair, and is more expected to cut evenly.

Apply a good shaving cream or gelatin to reduce rubbing and irritation. Work the cream into your scalp in a circular motion, using wither your fingers or a shaving brush. Rub down for at least two minutes.

Save the areas where your hair is thickest for last. This is where you are most likely to develop bumps - usually near the back of your scalp. Shave thin (balding areas) first.

Shave with the hair growth, not against it. Do not go over the same area more than twice unless it's entirely necessary.

Change your razor blades on a regular basis. Commit to a professional razor. It will save you time - and your skin some wear and tear. The new, vibrating razors are a safe bet for precluding razor burn because they massage as you go.

Use a single-blade razor rather than one with multiple blades. On that point you will also find some razors on the market intended specifically to shave heads that work well and conform to your head's curve.

A few people who suffer from razor bumps may prefer using a hair removing cream such as Nair rather than a razor. If you have tender skin, it might respond badly to a hair removal product like this. They also have a very heavy smell that can annoy your eyes and nose if you have allergies.

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