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How to Make an Erection Last Longer


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Are you searching for tips on how to make an erection last longer? You came to the right place because below are some great tips that will make your erection last longer.

When you were young, it is not that difficult to get a very hard erection and make it last longer. But as a man grows older, erections will become softer and can be difficult to maintain its hardness. When this time comes, it can be very difficult to accept as a man because you will lose the ability to have longer sex as you want it to be. But you do not have to worry because for every problem, there is a solution.

Do not wear tight Briefs

Wearing tight briefs is one reason that can affect your erection. The reason for that is blood flow in your penis will not be normal. The truth is that blood flow is very important when it come to penis erection. So, try to wear alternatives so that your blood flow in your penis will be normal.

Do not smoke and drink alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol will also affect erections badly. This can cause to lesser sexual arousal and softer erections. This is also one reason that will make your erection not to last longer.


Exercising regularly is a good idea to make your erection last longer. This will help your blood flow to improve in your penis. It will also make you feel young because your body will be fit, healthy, and strong like the teenagers. This will give you lots of energy when you have sex.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy foods is another great way to help your erections because penis also needs to be healthy. Food like fruits and vegetables is a very good example. Eating junks will ruin your body's health and same with your penis health.

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